Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 2, episode 1 recap – The sequence of betrayal

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: June 13, 2021 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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Episode 1 feels like a recycled conflict from season one. Everything is progressing slowly. Apart from Hye-Ryeong, Sa-Hyeon, and Sung Won, the other characters feel like they are just “existing.”

This recap of the Netflix K-drama series Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 2, episode 1 contains significant spoilers.

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They say, “all men do is lie.”

After a season of temptations, cheating, betrayals, and leaving us with so many unresolved conflicts and unnecessary scenes, I am looking forward to this new season to give me more excitement, badass wives, and the revenge plot we were craving. If you haven’t watched the first season, I suggest you watch it before starting this sequel to understand the plot, and please do it at your own pace!

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 2, episode 1 begins with sensual and dreamy tension between Sa-Hyeon and Sung Won. And I must say, the cameramen knows how to entertain the viewers. After an entire season of building up tension, by pouring and drinking a glass of wine, licking the sugar from their fingers and lips, and all the details that were included. Sung Won takes a bite of a fresh piece of lemon (which I interpret as symbolic of their bittersweet story). Sa-Hyeon gives in and slowly takes a bite before Hye-Ryeong decides to steal the show, shooting fire from her mouth (the editing put me in a shock), and he wakes up — it was all a dream. The real Hye-Ryeong was sleeping “peacefully” while getting massaged. Welcome to the show.

The scene moves to Hae-Ryung having a dinner date with Ga-Bin, and afterward, he asks her not to worry because he’s going to end everything with his wife. We are also shown Pi-Young and Yu-Shin happily spending time together in the swimming pool, but after, she finds out how Seo Ban was also there, so she volunteered to wait in the lobby, leaving Yu-Shin confused. The couple went shopping and while Pi-Young is away, her husband checks his phone to answer a text from Ami. It is painful how Pi-Young still doesn’t know that Yu-Shin had been cheating on her. Anyway, I was curious about the development of Seo Ban and what his role means to Pi-Young, Hye-Ryeong, and Si-Eun.

A flower that blooms in adversity…

In the last episode of season one, Sa-Hyeon and Sung Won spent the night together, but Hye-Ryeong’s father was diagnosed with cancer, which led Sa-Hyeon unable to deliver the d-word on the table, so Sung Won went M.I.A. For those of you who have been wondering where the mistress went, she is spending time at Jeju Island while taking different pregnancy test packs, which all return positive results, putting her in both disbelief and overwhelming joy. Sa-Hyeon could not reach her initially, but they finally bump into each other, getting into the “push and pull“. Sa-Hyeon still insists on getting a divorce with Hye-Ryeong, while Sung Won wants him to leave until she finally reveals that she’s pregnant and both of them are overwhelmed.

Meanwhile, at the studio, Hye-Ryeong is reading a narrative written by Si-Eun about the socials norms of womanhood, talking about stages of women’s pregnancy and how society perceives it.

Ami’s father revealed 

Su-Hui (Ami’s mother) confronts Doctor Jo Woon, who is most likely the biological father of Ami. She came to inform him how the daughter he left had blossomed to a young woman. He asks her, “what’s her name?” before a nurse decides to enter the room and ruin the flow, leaving him with unanswered questions. Meanwhile, after helping Ami unpack her stuff, Su-Hui asks if she ever thinks about her birth father — she answers yes.

Sa-Hyeon and Sung Woo gamble their fate

After visiting OB-GYN, Sa-Hyeon asks Sung Won to give him a bouquet to congratulate him on becoming a father. Sung Won gives the man what he wants, and it finally hits them. They both cry together in the car, and Sa-Hyeon offers to cook for her. He cooks an omelet, which he said is another form of love, because he really loves his mother’s omelet. Sa-hyeon asks Sung Woo to ask him to leave her and not think about anything but their baby.

Woo-Ram doesn’t like his mother aging

I loved seeing the Park siblings bond. Hyang Ki accompanies Woo Ram on having a haircut. While walking down the street, Woo-Ram complains how he got jealous of Hyang-Ki because when she was in 5th grade, their mother (Si-Eun) was looking younger and was 42 years old at the time. Kids at his school used to think that Si-Eun was his grandma, which upsets him. Hyang-Ki comforts his brother, saying that life isn’t always peachy and the choices that we made are what make us winners nor losers.

“Let’s just leave it to fate.”

The trio mistresses have a delicious dinner where Sung Won unexpectedly has nausea, leaving Ami and Ga-Bin worried. After that, Sung Won tells the truth about her pregnancy and her affair with a younger married man who is willing to divorce his wife for her. Feeling understood, Ga-Bin also reveals how she’s been having a relationship with a married man, who is already leaving his house for her. On the other hand, Ami reveals how the doctor that she met on the airplane is actually her boyfriend. But the difference is, she felt left out because Yu-Shin didn’t want to leave his family. They wrap it up by saying how Sung Won is meant to be with the father of her baby. And just like that, the gang is formed.

Pi-Young asking Dong-Mi to Remarry

Pi-Young and her daughter, Shin Ji-A, pay a visit to her mother-in-law, Dong-Mi. Pi-Young advises Dong-Mi to remarry to cope with the mourning and adds how Yu-Shin is the one who suggests the idea because he is worried, which catches Dong-Mi off guard. Pi-Young, who already senses that Dong Mi is eyeing up Yu-Shin, quietly resents her.

“Can I trust you to end it with her?” — the ending of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 2, episode 1

Hye-Ryeong finds out about the pregnancy and asks Sa-Hyeon to end everything with her. Sa-Hyeon says he’ll do it after Sung Won comes back from her trip from Jeju. Not believing any of his words, Hye-Ryeong asks Sa-Hyeon’s parents for help. She desperately wanted to confront Sung Won herself, but Sa-Hyeon keeps on preventing that from happening. She asks them to meet the mistress in order to stop everything and send her off to another place without Sa-Hyeon knowing. They agree. But… Will everything go according to plan?

Episode 2 ends with the appearance of Shi Ki-Rim, who is no longer visiting as a human being, rather… a ghost. Yes, a ghost!

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