Black Summer season 2, episode 4 recap – what happened in “Cold War”?

June 17, 2021
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Netflix series Black Summer season 2, episode 4 - Cold War


Episode 4 brings a thrilling battle from different perspectives as a few lead characters find their lives dangerously at risk.

This recap of Netflix’s Black Summer season 2, episode 4, “Cold War,” contains major spoilers.

Read the recap of the previous chapter.

This is another good chapter from an action perspective; the production crew put in the effort for “The Battle at the Manor.”

Episode 4 opens with Sun waking up in the snow; there’s an explosion in the distance, and the militia faction she’s with tells her to get up and walk. It looks bitterly cold as the leader Ray takes a cautious approach. Suddenly, a zombie sprints towards them, but Ray and his faction bring it down with ease. They have reached the manor, and one of the men gives Ray insight into what he saw inside, including the dead bodies. Sun is asked to wave a cloth outside the manor — they tell her if she runs, she is dead.


The title screen, “Truce,” pops up; Rose and Anna are frantically looking outside the windows, and they are both concerned. Freddy wants a gun, but Rose tells him to look outside the window. She then asks Anna to hide and stay quiet. Rose hears gunshots and starts shooting at the men, but Freddy asks for a gun. She refuses to give him one and asks the man to cover the backdoor; Freddy knows they are outnumbered and wants to surrender.

Suddenly, a man shouts to the manor, telling Rose that they are outgunned and outnumbered — they warn if she takes another shot, everyone dies in the house; they start counting to ten, and then multiple shots start firing at the house. Rose is petrified, knowing she is unable to fight this off. She looks behind her, and Freddy has been shot — she throws Freddy into the basement.

A third party

Episode 4 then brings the same scenario from a different perspective, as this series repeatedly does.

The title screen, “Headshot,” pops up. There’s another group of people approaching the manor, and they can see the military faction approaching the place. One of the men from the third group approaches the house slowly, but he’s nearly hit by gunfire.  The militia faction and the other group end up in a firefight. The man ends up in the basement, and he’s attacked by Freddy, the zombie. After a ferocious fight, the man kills the zombie. Then, as the man has been bit, he shoots himself in the head.

Breaching the manor 

The title screen, “Relief,” pops up. The militia faction is making progress towards the manor, and one of the soldiers makes sure Sun is safe with the group. They manage to make it inside the manor, and Sun is tied to a banister. Ray shows no mercy with his men — if he suspects they are a bit, he shoots them square in the head. However, Ray misses a zombie, and Sun finds herself tied up facing one, so she has to find a way to escape it. She continues moving around the house and avoiding gunfire — a woman ends up saving her, but Sun has to attack a zombie to save her back.

A plane is heard overhead, and someone jumps out of it in a parachute. When Sun turns around, she’s faced with Ray, and she walks slowly towards them. The woman that saved her earlier points a gun at her, so Sun closes her eyes and begins to cry, but Ray grabs her cuffs and drags her away. The woman who was on the other side, join the militia.

The ending of Black Summer season 2, episode 4

The title screen “Breach” pops up, and it returns to Rose and Anna, who are hiding upstairs. They take out one of the attackers, but Rose is struggling with her ammo. The two women hide in the bath as the battle inside the manor keeps going. The man who has been hiding in the manor walks into the bathroom and tells them both to be quiet. One of the soldiers finds them, so they surrender. Once they hear a plane, the soldiers walk off. The man hidden in the house tells Rose that he knows how to get to the plane and begs her not to shoot.

Rose asks the man to back up as he leads the way. The trio leaves the manor; the war is over.

Episode 4 brings a thrilling battle from different perspectives as a few lead characters find their lives dangerously at risk.

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1 thought on “Black Summer season 2, episode 4 recap – what happened in “Cold War”?

  • June 19, 2021 at 12:56 am

    Major annoyances with this episode
    1 at end mother daughter didn’t gather the ammunition and or guns
    2 previously it showed in the army group 12men, some died others got separated now their is about a dozen again not explained why they have the dead back (I didn’t count)
    3 the people staying at that building didn’t clear it before assuming it was safe
    4 the mother daughter didn’t scout the area after entering
    5 the people in building didn’t scout the area
    6 not making spears to keep them at arms length
    7 not breaking the furniture or cabinets for firewood

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