Too Hot to Handle season 2 review – same again for our horny contestants

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 23, 2021 (Last updated: December 12, 2022)
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Netflix reality series Too Hot to Handle season 2


Too Hot to Handle preys on the weaknesses of the human brain and gobbles you up for a binge.

This review of the Netflix reality series Too Hot to Handle season 2 does not contain spoilers. Season 2 was released on June 23 — the remaining episodes will be released on June 30, 2021.

It’s kind of brave for Netflix to release season 2 of Too Hot to Handle on the eve of Love Island, which could easily be touted as the UK’s favorite show. And yes, clearly, there’s a large American audience, but if I were to guess if the British picked this or Love Island, it would surely be the latter.

After years of experiencing these reality series, I’m still not sure if I like them. While I feel stimulated by the drama and the Instagram-attractive contestants, it triggers a part of my brain that I’m not sure is entirely healthy. But, like cocaine, it’s energizing, addictive, and lively. You could be sleepy next minute and then hitting “next episode” to have another course of promiscuous women in bikinis.

If you never watched the first serving of Too Hot to Handle, the series purposefully places a set of men and women in an exotic location; they are all flagrantly sex-obsessed, and they’ve picked personalities of people who claim commitment as some throwaway product rather than an element of life to be taken seriously. The reality series tries to teach the horny contestants a lesson; they do not know there are rules and limits, and to be honest, as the viewer, you want them to break them and f**k.

And the rules are simple; there’s a grand pool of money; if there are any physical advances between any of the contestants, the money decreases. Of course, sex brings the biggest decrease, while a kiss may be worth a dabble in — masturbating is the middle ground. It’s forced abstinence on a group of attractive people.

When I reviewed season 1, I did see some snooty comments, wondering why the contestants can’t keep their pants on. But, look at the perfect exotic location and the beautiful people surrounding you; money can only take you so far.

But if you push through the curtains of the concept, Too Hot to Handle is attempting to show the importance of real human connections rather than empty sex. It’s attempting to show young adults that there’s power in genuine intimacy and strength in forming an emotional connection.

Like season 1, season 2 sees our contestants having to battle with an absurd reality — they are so used to multiple sexual partners that the idea of losing out on money by being who they are is a social conundrum. Do you ignore judgment from others or play by the rules?

It feels oddly dystopian that we have a reality series that serves cash punishments for being human, but there’s no denying that your eyes will remain glued to the screen. Like Love Island and many other shows before it, Too Hot to Handle preys on the weaknesses of the human brain and gobbles you up for a binge.

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