Too Hot to Handle season 3 review – the trashy reality show returns

January 12, 2022 (Last updated: December 12, 2022)
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The third season is still so binge-able that many of us will finish the show in one sitting.

This review of the Netflix series Too Hot to Handle season 3 does not contain any spoilers.

Netflix’s hit reality show returns again! In case you’re not aware or haven’t seen Too Hot to Handle before, contestants are tricked into appearing in the reality show. This time around, they believe they’re on “Pleasure Island”. Little do they know, so we are led to believe, that they’re actually appearing on Too Hot to Handle. Instead of a party fuelled experience, the group of sex-obsessed individuals learn that they must refrain from any form of physical pleasure. The motivation for them to succeed? A chance of winning $200,000.

As the grand prize has doubled, Too Hot to Handle definitely tries to raise the stakes. Although it is classed as reality TV, it doesn’t always feel like that when you’re watching it. A lot of the drama feels staged, with the contestants appearing to perfectly fit within the narrative that previous seasons of the series have followed. As a result, Too Hot to Handle does not compare favourably to Big Brother, Love Island or Married At First Sight. On the plus side, it’s a lot shorter so it’s a lot quicker/easier to watch.

It’s binge-able. But unlike previous seasons, there’s not one contestant who has the same stand out personality. (Think Harry from Season 1). Nor is there an overly likable contestant. (Such as David, Chloe and Cam). This time around? Not so much. Aside from the cast being less likeable, Too Hot To Handle season 3 is very much like the two seasons that came before. There’s nothing new or fresh to the format. But why fix something that’s proven to be a ratings success? It may be a tacky, borderline sickening watch, yet for some reason, many of us won’t be able to stop watching.

What did you think of Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle season 3? Comment below.

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1 thought on “Too Hot to Handle season 3 review – the trashy reality show returns

  • January 29, 2022 at 2:21 pm

    (Season 3) I thought it was a great season but there were a few things I didn’t agree with… I definitely didn’t agree that Georgia should’ve been in top 3. She did the same thing Jaz did. (Jaz got sent home) She got sexual with guys but denied them once they genuinely liked her, she wouldn’t let anyone get close to her & broke multiple rules w different guys… she’s gorgeous (and I think that’s why she was chose for top 3) but I think if Jaz got sent home, she should’ve too. And Stev did great! He opened up, showed true emotions but didn’t get in the top 3… and last, I believe that Briana should’ve got top 3 as well bcuz she came in going after Nathan but ended up backing off bcuz she cared about Holly and her feelings.. and that could’ve changed the whole show bcuz Nathan was definitely interested in Bri.. congrats to Harry & Beaux for winning though! They deserved that one for sure ?

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