Young Royals, season 1, episode 6 recap – the ending explained

July 1, 2021
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A nice fulfilling end to a show that does everything its audience will want.

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A nice fulfilling end to a show that does everything its audience will want.

This recap of the Netflix series Young Royals season 1, episode 6, contains significant spoilers. You can check out our spoiler-free season review by clicking these words.

The Tape is Everywhere

Young Royals episode 6 begins with the question of “How will the Monarchy Survive This”. With the sex tape of Wilhelm and Simon all over the internet, both of them start to lose it. As is August. Wilhelm’s mother, The Queen, visits Wilhelm at Hillerska. She states that a conference will be held, where they will deny that it was him in the video. She also forbids him from seeing Simon. 

At Simon’s home, he hides away in his bedroom. His Mum suggests that both he and Sara stop attending Hillerska. Much to Sara’s outrage. Later that day, Simon is forced to slam the door on a reporter before his friends comfort him. IT technicians arrive at Hillerska to investigate the computer from which the sex tape was leaked, which leads Sara to the conclusion that it was August.

Speaking of the rat, August brings Wilhelm some food before telling him to follow his heart. The following day at Hillerska, all eyes are on Wilhelm and Simon as they walk into the classroom. Eventually, Wilhelm and Simon meet face to face for the first time since the leak of the video. They assure each other that they’re in it together.

Sara makes her move on August

Sara visits August. She tells him that she knows he is the one who leaked the sex tape. When he denies it, she threatens to tell Wilhelm her thoughts. Yet, he stops her from leaving and reveals he did, in fact, leak the sex tape. When asked why August says it is was because of his anger towards Wilhelm having everything. Sara states that she will remain quiet if August makes her a permanent resident of Hillerska. August and Sara begin making out with each other. 

During dinner, Sara reveals to her mother and Simon that she plans to apply for grants that will allow her to stay at Hillerska. Simon accuses her of pissing on the family. Felice watches the sex tape over and over again in the hope that she can figure out who leaked it.

What will Wilhelm do?

Before he heads on his way to make the conference, Wilhelm spends quality time with Simon. In the car with The Queen, Wilhelm tells her that he wants a normal life, and if he wishes, to maybe spend it with Simon. The Queen questions if the young romance will be worth it for Wilhelm. She details her own failed past romance and states that being a member of the Royal Family is a privilege, not a punishment. It’s unsure what Wilhelm’s thoughts are as he heads into the conference. 

Whilst at home with friends, Simon is devastated to learn that Wilhelm has denied that the sex tape is of him. Regardless, Simon meets Wilhelm who explains that it was the only way he could have moved forward. “We can’t be seen together”, Wilhelm adds. No longer wanting to be anyone’s secret, Simon walks away.

Wilhelm learns the truth

After noticing the pixels that are present within all of August’s IG photos, Felice tells Wilhelm that it was August who leaked the sex tape.“I trusted you. I really trusted you”, are the heartbreaking words Wilhelm says to August. He declares that August is no longer a part of the family and calls The Queen to tell her. She already knew. She claims she is protecting him and the monarchy by not going public and punishing August. Outraged, Wilhelm ends the call. Young Royals Season 1 concludes with Wilhelm publically hugging Simon before Wilhelm gets driven away for the Christmas holiday.

With how the story ended, it could easily return for a second season. There’s still more that can be explored with the characters. Will Sara’s deal with August ever be explored? Is this really how Wilhelm and Simon’s relationship will end? I personally would have liked to have seen August receive consequences over his actions, but overall the season was a very good one.

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