Young Royals season 1, episode 5 recap – will August betray Wilhelm?

July 1, 2021
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Not as good as the last two episodes, but it does create a lot of drama going into the final episode. 

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Not as good as the last two episodes, but it does create a lot of drama going into the final episode. 

This recap of the Netflix series Young Royals season 1, episode 5, contains significant spoilers. You can check out our spoiler-free review of the series overall by clicking these words.

The Morning After

Having spent the previous night together, Prince Wilhelm and Simon wake up in Wilhelm’s bed. August meanwhile watches over the footage he has of Wilhelm and Simon together. As they head to lessons, August questions where Wilhelm disappeared to the night before, to which Wilhelm lies and says he doesn’t remember due to blacking out. Of course, August already knows the truth.

Alexander gets suspended, most likely because he was caught with drugs by the school staff, which causes worry for Wilhelm. He can’t be known to have involvement in the party held the night prior. Sara receives a text from her Dad; he wants to meet her. Yet, she clearly doesn’t want to and wonders why he has contacted her. Wilhelm goes to Simon’s home, and they have sex again, although Simon puts a game on so no one can hear.

Felice & Sara don’t need August

Felice is with Sara and reveals that dating August isn’t what she thought he would be like. Reluctantly, Sara reveals that August kissed her in the stables. “What a f*****g douchebag” is the overall feeling towards August, and Felice doesn’t let it affect her friendship with Sara. Posting stories to their Instagram, August sees them and realizes that he has alienated them both.

Blame It on Who?

The following morning, as exams are in place, August claims that Alexander will not reveal details about the party if he’s stopped from getting expelled. To work things in their favor and to “protect” the crown, August suggests putting the blame on Simon. Wilhelm berates Simon for bringing drugs to the party. During the argument, Simon tells Wilhelm, “I’m not going to protect the Crown just because the Prince f****d up”. But not before telling him that August is broke.

As his friends play a game of snooker, August continues to obsess over the video he has of Wilhelm and Simon. Not long after, the headmistress asks to speak to him. In her office, she tells him that due to unpaid fees, the board has had to submit a case to the Enforcement Authority. Therefore, August cannot return to Hillerska after the Christmas break.

The Blame Falls On…

The male students continue with their plan to set up Simon and have him take the fall so Alexander can return to Hillerska. To stop August’s plan from happening and to protect Simon, Wilhelm reveals that August is broke and won’t be staying at Hillerska, so, therefore, should not be the one making plans for the future of Hillerska. Wilhelm and the other attendees of the party all claim that Alexander brought the drugs to the party.

Felice has a visit from her mother, who becomes adamant that Felice wears a particular dress as Saint Lucia. After doing something hidden on a computer, August learns that Wilhelm has asked The Queen to fix his problems so that August can still attend Hillerska. To a hostile reception, Simon and Sara’s father comes to Hillerska’s gathering. Sara immediately asks their father to leave. 

Young Royals season 1, episode 5 ends with Wilhelm learning that the clip of him and Simon in bed has gone viral. It seems that August placed it online before he knew that Wilhelm had helped him.

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