Young Royals season 1, episode 4 recap – the Royal Highness is unhappy

July 1, 2021
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The relationship between Wilhelm and Simon moves fast, which makes for an exciting watch.

This recap of Netflix’s Young Royals season 1, episode 4, contains significant spoilers. 

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Erik’s funeral

Young Royals Episode 4 begins with the funeral of Erik. After Erik’s funeral is over, Wilhelm is told by his mother that as he will now succeed in the title of Crown Prince and future King, he will always be in comparison to Erik. For Wilhelm, this was the case anyways.

Simon’s mother discovers the invoice for his private tutor. She tells him that he will be unable to take care of the costs. August works out at the gym, desperately trying to look good. He only stops when he receives a call from the majesty. She wants him to help take care of Wilhelm.

After Wilhelm returns to Hillerska, he meets with Simon. He asks Simon to delete any texts he had sent him in the past: “I can’t do this anymore.”

Wilhelm becomes the Royal Highness

In his room, which two men now guard, Wilhelm has flashbacks to when he kissed Simon. He attempts to go for a walk alone, but his guards are unable to leave him unattended. Regardless he goes for a walk and performs a ritual with Felice and Madison.

Finding his father asleep, Simon steals tablets. Meanwhile, August has sex with Felice. He’s angry that she closed her eyes and accuses her of thinking of someone else. Simon takes the tablets and gives them to August to sell. If he doesn’t sell them, Simon will tell everyone that August is broke.

Sara apologies to Felice for making her upset during lunch on Parent’s Day. She accepts the apology and returns home. She finds August there. He shouts at her for talking to Wilhelm about Erik. “You should be comforting me so I can comfort him,” he claims.

Unexpected kiss

August goes to the horses, expecting her to be there, as it is where her social media claimed she was. Yet, she’s not there. It turns out, Felice sometimes posts an image in a place to make people believe that she is there. With only Sara around, August asks if she talks about William a lot. He then kisses her. At first, she laughs, then he kisses her again and leaves her stunned. Simon goes to see his father. His father is livid to find his medication missing and asks if he is using them. He further adds that he needs the medication to function in day-to-day life. Simon calls him pathetic and leaves in a rage.


Sneaking out of a window, Wilhelm is led to an underground society. With August as the society’s leader, he asks Wilhelm one question. Will he work to prevent the extinction of this Society’s noble families? Wilhelm swears he will, and they all party. During the party, games are played, drinks are drunk, and drugs are taken. With the night in high spirits, Wilhelm brings a downer by telling August he wants to trade places with him. They both then scream the night away until Wilhelm wanders around the field in a drugged-up drunken state.

After discovering that the grass in the school field is fake, Wilhelm comes to the conclusion that everything is fake. Therefore he rings Simon to let him know. Realizing that something is wrong, Simon rides on his bike to pick Wilhelm up. The morning after, Simon awakes at the bottom of Wilhelm’s bed. Wilhelm asks Simon to stay until he falls asleep again. Simon accepts but asks if Wilhelm remembers what he said the night before. Wilhelm does. Simon responds and tells him that he likes him as well. Wilhelm and Simon start having sex. The only issue? August is walking past, and he films it.

Another great episode from Young Royals. The show moves fast, and as a result, it has increased levels of reference to Wilhelm’s royal heritage, which further improves the series.

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    I actually think it’s not the schools football field. It’s in sweden so i think it’s just the towns football field. Since i don’t think the other nordic countries are any different from mine in that matter (finland) , the schools in my country don’t have large football fields. The towns and cities just have these public fields at random spots. Great work tho 🙂

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    Hi Vilma Karvonen, that makes sense with the football! Thanks for your comment, I hope you enjoyed the show!

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