Young Royals season 2, episode 1 recap – what is Wilhelm’s plan for revenge?

November 1, 2022
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What an explosive start to season 2. Wilhelm has revenge plans, and Simon has a potential new love interest.

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What an explosive start to season 2. Wilhelm has revenge plans, and Simon has a potential new love interest.

We recap Netflix’s Young Royals, season 2, episode 1, which will contain spoilers and detail the ending. 

There was a lot that happened in Young Royals season 1. The ending of season 1 raised more questions than answers; how will a new year for these students hold? Will Wilhelm forgive August for the sex video leak? What’s the future of Wilhelm and Simon? What drama will unfold for everyone?

Young Royals season 2, episode 1 recap

The opening of season 2, episode 1 begins with intimate footage between Wilhelm and Simon. And then, in the present, Wilhelm wakes up, receiving a text from August, confessing that he is sorry. The aftermath of the sex video leak from August is still simmering. Wilhelm is disconnected. Not only has his life been turned upside down, but he misses his brother Erik too.

Sara receives a letter — she got accepted at Manor House, a campus at the school. Meanwhile, Marcus (who dropped Sara off at home) checks up on Simon, who is singing sweetly while playing the piano. Simon is startled, but the two men exchange a quick conversation, getting to know each. Marcus tells Simon that his singing is amazing.

As it’s a new semester, it’s tradition for new campus students to be initiated, which is exactly what Sara goes through at a raucous party. At the party, she sees August, and she’s not entirely sure what to do with herself, so she grabs the vodka bottle and goes crazy, consuming large amounts. Simon sees where Sara is on social media and is eager to get to the palace. He asks Marcus for a ride.

When Wilhelm arrives at the party, he immediately asks August to address him as his “Royal Highness.” August can see the tension on his face and allows Wilhelm and his freshmen to enter despite the party being for “seniors only.” When he enters, he sees Simon immediately, and the romantic tension between them is abundantly clear.

However, Simon is distracted, looking for Sara, as he’s worried about her; he does not hang around for small talk and leaves. Wilhelm sees Simon leave with Marcus, looking concerned. He overhears from another person that Marcus is on Grindr.

As the semester starts, Wilhelm tells Felice what his plan for revenge is for August. He’s going to take everything away he cares about. The tale of love and revenge intensifies early in season 2. Interestingly, at this stage, Wilhelm has not told Simon that August leaked the video; he’s worried that Simon will go to the police.

In class, the sexual tension between Wilhelm and Simon is immediate again; they accidentally touch hands while sorting out stationery. It’s flagrant that this love story is not over yet.

Afterward, during a dinner with the seniors from the rowing team, Wilhelm breaks tradition and grabs food first. August tries to tell Wilhelm that “seniors go first,” but Wilhelm uses his Royal Power to break tradition. The tension between them rises; Wilhelm is not f*****g about in season 2. He’s angry. He’s not going to let this drop.

And then, August reminds Sara that their deal was to keep silent about the fact that he leaked the video, and in return, she gets into Manor House; he believes she told everyone, but she insists it was not her. August has a lot of regret for leaking the video, and he spills his emotions to her, nearly having a panic attack. Sara tells him to breathe and calms him down.

Young Royals season 2, episode 1 ending – will Marcus and Simon get together?

Simon tells Wilhelm that “pretending there is nothing between them” is not working for him. Wilhelm tries to reassure Simon, but it does not work. Simon admits he has thought about him all break, but the space has given him clarity. He feels hurt and wants Wilhelm to realize that.

Simon heads out to a karaoke night with his friends, and Marcus is there. Flirting between them happens immediately, and they sing a song together. Will Marcus and Simon get together in season 2? Well, so far, there’s certainly a romance sparking between them. Simon’s friends also seem to be encouraging Simon to move on, which leaves Wilhelm in a lonely place.

At the end of Young Royals season 2, episode 1, we return to Manor House. Wilhelm sees on Instagram Simon and Marcus singing together on karaoke. He’s worried about it.

Wilhelm rings the Queen and blames her for what’s happened with him and Simon, and tells her he does not want to be the Crown Prince. He then makes the Queen and her staff aware that he does not want to give a speech for Jubilee. He threatens to go public if they continue enforcing a schedule on him. Wilhelm is in dire straits as episode 1 ends. What an explosive start to season 2. Wilhelm has revenge plans, and Simon has a potential new love interest.

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