The Tomorrow War ending explained – will Dan jump back to his family in time?

July 2, 2021
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This article discusses the ending of the Amazon Original film The Tomorrow War, so it will contain major spoilers. 

Ready Steady Cut Film Critic, M.N. Miller, said about the film, “If you are looking for a thrilling terror machine, The Tomorrow War will satisfy that craving. Otherwise, it’s a lesson in overstaying one’s welcome.”

Amazon’s The Tomorrow War ending explained.

Chris Pratt stars as Dan Forester, a retired veteran who is teaching high school science. He is married to his beautiful wife, Emmy (Betty Gilpin), a clinical social worker at the local VA hospital. They are raising their seven-year-old daughter, Muri (Ryan Kiera Armstrong), who loves soccer. As they take in a game together on television, as he promised, suddenly a team of United States soldiers from the future leaps out of a cloud of purple haze on the soccer field. Their leader, Lt. Hart (played by The Rookie’s Jasmine Mathews), has a message for them: We are their only hope.

From there, a worldwide draft is imposed. Anyone over 18, any health condition, it doesn’t matter. We are talking about 50-year-old out-of-shape mothers strapping up their boots and given a week to learn how to be Rambo. You can thank Gloria Steinem. She won the battle on gender rights for everyone. Soon, only 500,000 people are left on earth (Yet, the national media outlets are still broadcasting. I bet Nielsen will have a field day with that sweeps week). Forester is drafted and “jumped” into tomorrow’s war. If he makes it a week, he can come back. That’s if he survives that long.

In one of the movie’s best scenes, when they “jump,” the coordinates are “off,” to say the least, into 2048. All of them are falling from the sky into the city of Miami’s skyline. Some hit the ground, others bounce of buildings like the game of Plinko, and thankfully, Pratt’s Forester lands in a high-rise pool with only twenty or so left in his group. From there, Romeo’s command (Yyvonne Strahovski) joins his “com” and tells them they need to converge on the Biomed lab where the scientists are working on a toxin. When they get there, the researchers are dead, and they are introduced to the scariest, most relentless pissed-off aliens in desperate need of a blood sugar high, and they are that tasty treat. 

The sharp claws shoot bone-dense, football sized thorns, and the only way to kill them is to aim for their unprotected stomachs. Only three of Forester’s group survive, but they manage to find the toxin samples and return them to the command. The woman on the other end has the last name; it’s Forester. Her first name is Muri. That’s right. It Dan’s seven-year-old daughter, all grown up.

From there, they catch the queen of the creatures. They bring her back to their base, which is in the middle of the ocean, where they finally find the perfect poisonous toxin they can weaponize. That’s until the Queen bellows a screeching cry that signals for her entire clan to converge. Muri tells her father, who has minutes left until he jumps back into the present day, he needs to leave her and take the weapon with him so they can mass produce it and bring it back. Their time together is short-lived, however.

As she attempts to protect her father from the onslaught, she is critically injured. The entire facility has been overrun and is burning down. The floor gives way, and Muri falls, but Dan catches her arm before she falls into the sea full of monsters waiting on her demise. She shakes off his arm and begins to make her decent when her father leaps after her. However, he is then jumped back into the present day. When he wakes up, he is greeted with the bad news: The connection to jump back has been lost.

What Happens Next

That should have been the end of the movie. Pratt’s Forester makes it home. They mass-produce the toxin so they can win The Tomorrow War at a later date. He could then appreciate the time he has left with his family, reunite with his father (played by JK Simmons), and wrap a bow on this thing. But, Hollywood does what they do. They figure out that the Aliens crashed in the tundra and are in a Russian volcano. Forester grabs the remaining members of his team, Lt. Hart and his father, and go off by themselves after the President refuses to send them.

They, incredibly, find the ship. They find a room full of them, sleeping in their pods. Do they do more recon? No. They kill eight of them while they sleep, but it wakes up the rest when they begin to shriek. Oh, and there is another colony below (they just should have blown up the thing). They all stop popping out of their water balloon pods and begin to take out the good guys or attempt to escape. Dorian makes the ultimate sacrifice, telling Dan to go after the Queen, and he will blow the ship, killing the rest.

Shortly after, Dan and his father kill the Queen by blinding her and shoving a toxin down her throat. Only Dan, James, and Charlie remain. They head home, where Dan finally introduces Muri to her grandfather for the first time.

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