A Classic Horror Story ending explained – what the hell is going on?

July 14, 2021
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film A Classic Horror Story, so it will contain major spoilers.

Netflix’s newest horror comes in the form of the Italian produced A Classic Horror Story.

The movie begins with the lead characters; doctor Ricardo (played by Peppino Mazzotta), Mark and his girlfriend Sofia (played by Will Merrick and Yuliia Sobol), Fabrizio (played by Francesco Russo), and Elisa (played by Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz) going on a road trip through the south of Italy. Their journey comes to an abrupt halt when they crash their RV. Inadvertently, they have no phone service or signal, and Mark dies from the impact of the crash. So, of course, and as one does in a horror movie, the characters begin searching the local cabin. Eventually, in the attic, they stumble across a mute female, who with her tongue cut off is inside an egg-shaped nest.

Red lights appear outside, and sirens begin to blare. Hiding in the attic, they all watch when in a Saw worthy moment, the man has his eyes cut out.

A New Member

With the tongueless girl joining them, the group flees through the woods. This is when they find tens of abandoned cars. One thing is clear; the current group was not the first set of people here. Shortly afterward, tensions begin to arise within the group, with Sofia berating Richardo for not saving Mark’s life. Although, the way Richardo sees it, Sofia didn’t fight for his life enough. Brutal.

Inside one of the abandoned, Elisa learns that the tongueless girl’s name is Chiara. Chiara writes that “it’s not a forest”.

Fabrizio provides the group with some beer before the group treats themselves to a little nap in the attic. Elisa is rudely awoken by the red lights and blasting sirens. This time, however, she realizes that a crowd of masked individuals is outside. Sofia and Ricardo are both tied to logs on a stage, and it’s not long before they have their eyes cut out. Their eyes are put onto a wooden mask and placed on top of a straw statue. Elisa watches helplessly as Sofia and Ricardo have their throats slit.

A Shocking Reveal

Questioning why she never woke up as Sofia and Ricardo got taken, Elisa asks Fabrizio what he put into the beer. He hugs her, but Elisa rips an earpiece from her ear, and listening to it, she discovers that he has been following instructions. Fabrizio stares at the wall, and coldly says, “take her”. The wall opens up with Elisa carried away by one of the masked individuals.

Nailed to a wheelchair, Elisa is on the end of an outside dining table. The “Mom” (played by Cristina Donadio) makes a toast to the three Kings. Elisa wails out in pain, only to be met by heckles from the dinner guests. The Mom silences them and stands beside Elisa. She tells Elisa that the dinner guests are so happy because she looks after them (they don’t appear very happy) but adds that the Mafia isn’t what it used to be.

Your Movie Sucks

Following dinner, Elisa watches Fabrizio appear on a large TV. He explains how this is his movie and has taken the three founders of the Mafia and turned them into his version of “Freddy, Jason, and Leatherface”. The TV turns off. Elisa slowly frees her hands from the nails in the wheelchair and sneaks into one of the many tents in the field. Inside, Elisa finds a recorder and some masks that are identical to the ones worn by the people who killed Sofia and Ricardo.

Fabrizio is enraged as he discovers Elisa has vanished and voices his rage to Chiara inside a small camper van. In a twisty reveal, Fabrizio and Chiara are actually siblings, with the “Mom” being their mother. Little do they know that Elisa is outside listening to them. Fabrizio gets a message through his walkie-talkie; Elise is wanted on set.

It’s Only A Movie – A Classic Horror Story ending

Chiara steps outside of the camper van, where she finds, stood beside a recorder, Elisa, armed with a shotgun and wearing a mask. Chiara is shot dead, and Fabrizio gets shot in the leg. Fabrizio wants to find a solution where he can survive. Elisa tells him not to worry, “it’s only a movie”, and shoots him in the mouth.

Elisa flees through the wood, and sirens begin to sound when Elisa almost shoots a young boy, wearing an inflatable ring, dead. He runs away from her. Elisa finds herself on the beach. Families that are on the beach start recording Elisa, who finally regains signal on her phone.

A Classic Horror Story concludes with Elisa soaking herself in the ocean before it cuts to a spoof scene of individuals criticizing the movie and giving it a “thumbs down” on Netflix.

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  • July 15, 2021 at 12:45 am

    Slight error: Mark did not die in the crash as stated, he was killed in the cabin by the three Kings.

  • July 15, 2021 at 9:37 pm

    Yes Steve Bye, I don’t know how I missed that! Thanks for letting me know!

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