Control Z season 2 ending explained – who is the Avenger?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: August 5, 2021 (Last updated: July 6, 2022)
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Control Z season 2 ending explained - who is the Avenger?

This article contains major spoilers, including an open discussion of the Control Z season 2 ending.

If you thought your high school was complicated, you haven’t seen anything yet. Control Z season 2 finds the students from the first season reeling after uncovering the identity of a hacker who made a big show of disseminating all their secrets, and the small, related matter of a fellow student’s death and another’s shooting. To make things worse, not to mention more complicated, a mysterious figure known as “The Avenger” is out for revenge against those perceived to be responsible for Luis’s demise. With the drama having spilled from social media and into the real world, the stakes are certainly higher in this season, so let’s take account of what happened, why, and what might be next for the show if it proves popular enough to renew.

Control Z Season 2 ending explained

You can’t have an ending without a beginning, so here’s some context. Season 2 picks up right after Javi being accidentally shot, but it quickly fast-forwards a couple of months and presents a new predicament: The students are being tormented by an unseen avenger who raises the stakes nice and early by tying Alex up in an empty classroom and burying Dario and Ernesto alive. Suspicions immediately turn towards Raul, the widely hated hacker from the first season who is only still in school because he’s able to blackmail the principal, Quintanilla, with evidence of his affair with a teacher. Since birds of a feather tend to flock together, Gerry, on the run after shooting Javi, is being put up at Raul’s parents’ swanky manor, since they’ve both been arrested and aren’t likely to return any time soon.

This is the large-scale setup, and various character relationships and dramas weave in and out of it. It eventually becomes apparent – Sofia and Javi do most of the sleuthing – that Luis has somehow forecasted a lot of the avenging in his artwork. But it also becomes apparent that not all the terrible things that befall the various students are necessarily the work of the same perpetrator – Raul’s money being jacked being a particular example of this.

Control Z Season 2 ending explained – who is the Avenger?

It’s Alex. Which isn’t surprising, really. Alex was friends with Luis and admired his art, obviously finding inspiration in it. She targeted the students and faculty to avenge the senseless nature of his death, and particularly to highlight how the pastimes of the rich and privileged have a real human cost. Luis died for no good reason, and Alex didn’t want the world to move on without having acknowledged his passing.

In a high-stakes finale, Alex – in one of this season’s few feints in the direction of the old social media theme – runs an online poll to determine whether or not Gerry should die, and of course, the results indicate that he should. Of course, Sofia and Javi rush to the rescue, but thanks to the school’s new principal, Susana, having intercepted the money stolen from Raul and gone to the rooftop where all this is taking place, a scuffle ensues over the dough and Susana ends up falling from the roof. The money is quickly scooped up by Pablo, who makes off with it.

In some ways, Control Z Season 2 suffers for its focus on this revenge plot over some of the more focused character drama of the first season. But through the use of flashbacks and other narrative devices, it is able to justify itself as a continuation of that storyline, and we see how Gerry, of all people, was so integral to it. His struggle with his own sexuality has been a theme since Season 1 when it was revealed during the hacks, and there’s much more of that here, including how Gerry’s bullying of Luis was in part an overreaction to prevent his fellow students and his father from realizing he was gay. Luis’s artwork is also key to this. He drew a portrait of Gerry which Alex pushed him to show Gerry, and that seed – the idea that Luis had a crush on Gerry, and that if Gerry acknowledged it he’d also be acknowledging his own homosexuality – led indirectly to Luis’s death.

So, there’s no wonder Alex is upset, and this is to say nothing of her desire to be with Gabriela, who decides to move to Spain, leaving the penniless Alex behind (which is why she stole Raul’s money). There are a lot of parallels to be drawn between the first season and this one, particularly how so many of the heinous events are motivated by the same desperate sense of one wanting something they can’t – or perhaps shouldn’t – have.

Control Z Season 2 ending explained – will there be a Season 3?

It’ll depend on the viewing figures, of course, but there’s plenty of potential for the story to continue. Susana is probably dead, Pablo has Raul’s money, and all the students from the roof know he has it. He, in turn, knows they could all be implicated in Susana’s death – or at least serious injury – if push came to shove, so there are plenty of threads to tug on there, including the fact that the money Pablo has was intended to pay off Natalia’s kidnappers.

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