Hit & Run season 1, episode 1 recap – the opening chapter explained

August 6, 2021
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The first entry for Hit & Run is one hell of an episode.

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The first entry for Hit & Run is one hell of an episode.

This recap of the Netflix series Hit & Run season 1, episode 1, “Hit & Run,” contains significant spoilers.

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The action thriller Hit & Run begins with Segev Azulai (played by Lior Raz) in prison for reasons unstated. After Segev gets stabbed in the leg, other prisoners join in and start beating him up. Hut & Run quickly cuts to three weeks earlier; this time, Segev is in Tel Aviv, Israel. After watching his wife Danielle (played by Kaelen Ohm) dance, he asks if she has told her current dance company that she’s auditioning for a job in New York.

Hit & Run season 1, episode 1 recap

Although Segev is reluctant about the prospect of moving to New York, Danielle continues with her plan. She receives a text asking why she is ignoring them and that they need to see her. Ignoring the text, Danielle and Segev bid farewell, although they’re unaware that someone is watching them.

Segev carries on with his duties as a tour guide; whilst Danielle visits Syd (played by Siena Kelly) and hands her an item. Give it to him, she states. By him, are we assuming Segev? After being driven to the airport, Danielle drops off for a coffee. Crossing the road, she’s hit by a car, with the car soon speeding off. Now Hit & Run is in full motion!

Hearing what has happened to Danielle, Segev rushes to the hospital, where he’s told that Danielle is dead. Wanting a moment alone, Segev sits by her side. (Ruling out the number one theory that she would be faking her death). Shortly afterward, Segev calls Danielle’s father Martin (played by Gregg Henry) and tells him that Danielle has died.

Segev’s cousin Tali (played by Moran Rosenblatt) is investigating Danielle’s death. Unable to find the driver or the car, they rely on the skid marks. Tali and her work partner Boaz summarise that as it took the driver a while before stopping, they were most likely on their phone and fled when they realized Danielle had died. Finding leads on the car that hit Danielle, Tali learns that it was reported as stolen, with the car belonging to ShalCorp. Which is a company that belongs to Rami Shalem.

Hit & Run cuts to the moment Segev met Danielle for the first time. After separating from his ex-wife Shira, Segev met Danielle for the first time during a tour that he guided. Tali and Boaz go after Rami and when they eventually capture him, Rami’s caught with 400k and two grenades.

The ending

As Segev goes through Danielle’s belongings, her mobile’s called by Assaf. (The same person who had been trying to contact her!) After Segev answers, Assaf states he is a wrong number and immediately takes out his sim and destroys it. Wanting answers, Segev asks Tali for help. She promises to help find Assaf.

Meanwhile, Assaf hears on the news that Danielle is dead. Cutting to the day that Danielle met Segev, she’s dropped off by Segev only to go and meet Assaf. “I don’t know if this is working for me”. It appears that Assaf’s marriage is falling apart and that he’s having an affair with Danielle. Back at home, Segev gets attacked by an unknown assailant. Although, Segev is able to break the man’s spine before he himself can be killed. Segev quickly grabs Ella and takes her to her mother, i.e. Shira. After ringing Tali, Segev returns home to find that the dead man has vanished. Just as the police start to arrive.

What a start! Episode 1 is full of excitement and gripping developments. Just who is Assaf and is he in danger now that Danielle is dead? Was Remi driving the car that killed Danielle? Who removed the dead body that was in Segev’s house? Hit & Run sure has created a lot of questions in one episode.

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