Hit & Run season 1, episode 9 recap – the ending explained

August 6, 2021
Jordan Russell Lyon 3
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A brilliant conclusion to season 1 that leads the way for a second season. It better not be long for season 2 to arrive.

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A brilliant conclusion to season 1 that leads the way for a second season. It better not be long for season 2 to arrive.

This recap of the Netflix series Hit & Run season 1, episode 9, “Search & Destroy,” — the ending explained — contains significant spoilers.

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Hit & Run season 1, episode 9 recap

Apparently trying to bring Segev onto his side, Martin/Reece reveals that he didn’t send a man to kill him but rather that the man was searching for any information that Danielle/Sophie may have left behind. Segev agrees to Martin’s and tells Naomi, who then calls Noya and asks for help with the story.

Whilst sat at a table, Segev and Martin/Reece discuss the witness protection program where Martin/Reece tells Segev that he’ll be sent somewhere unknown as they figure out a way for him to see Ella. It doesn’t appear that this plan is good enough for Segev, so he rips out his stitches. Segev and a guard go to the toilets to clean up his wound. Despite being handcuffed, Segev knocks the guard out as Martin/Reece learns that Naomi hasn’t left the office yet.

Segev sneaks a message to Naomi, and they soon meet up on a bus. She gives the Notebook to Segev and later learns one of the messages, “RAT”, actually means Remote Access Trojan. Naomi realises that Danielle/Sophie got killed because she discovered that Israel was using software to spy on the Whitehouse. But before she can do anything with the information, Naomi is kidnapped.

Tamir tells Segev he has Naomi hostage and instructs Segev on where to meet him. Segev goes to Isaac for help but instead ends up getting beat up by him. Tamir reveals that his illegal spying allowed him to discover that the president’s son-in-law is selling secrets to a foreign adversary. Tali is with Segev’s ex-wife Shira and daughter Ella and informs them both that they all need to leave the country, although Shira remarks that she’s sick of Segev and his “imaginary bullshit”.

After being picked up by Tamir’s men, the car that he’s travelling in gets rammed by Isaac. Looks like Isaac has decided to help after all. Tali is woken up by Asa, the dog, barking before it suddenly goes quiet; concerned, Tali goes to investigate.

The ending

Segev searches for Naomi at Tamir’s safe house, only to find Tamir holding a gun to Naomi’s head. Martin/Reece appears and tells Segev to drop the gun, much to Naomi’s confusion. Out of options, Martin/Reece shoots Tamir in the head. While Segev fights Martin/Reece, Naomi grabs the notebook. Segev and Naomi flee, although in different directions; with Segev giving Naomi the notebook and the simple instruction of “publish it”. As the NYPD find Tamir dead, there’s no sign of Martin/Reece. After finding Shira shot dead and Ella nowhere be to be seen, Tali calls Segev and tells him. Hit & Run ends with Segev screaming out, “f**k”.

As was the case with the past 8 episodes, episode 9 was thoroughly entertaining with plenty of action throughout. It’s ended on a bit of a cliffhanger so that obviously means a second season will be coming. I’m stunned, however, that Henry wasn’t shown to be working with the baddies, but you never know; maybe that will occur in season 2.

Overall, it was a great series, and I enjoyed every minute.

What did you think of Hit & Run season 1, episode 9 and the ending? Comment below.

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3 thoughts on “Hit & Run season 1, episode 9 recap – the ending explained

  • August 26, 2021 at 2:50 pm

    Thought the ending was a manipulation. Also don’t understand why they had to kill Shira-could have just kidnapped Ella

  • August 26, 2021 at 11:50 pm

    Hi Dennis H Leibowitz, you never know there might be a flashback scene next season and we learn why Shira was killed. Thanks for commenting

  • September 11, 2021 at 12:43 am

    I enjoyed the series but not the last episode. The cliffhanger was not a little one, it was a big one I think. Hopefully, we do get a second season.

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