Clickbait episode 8 recap – the ending explained

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: August 25, 2021 (Last updated: November 7, 2023)
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Netflix series Clickbait episode 8 - The Answer


“The Answer” brings all the answers! With Kai’s life in the balance, it’s a race against time as to whether his family can save from the same people that killed Nick in a fitting conclusion to the limited series.

This recap of the Netflix series Clickbait episode 8, “The Answer,” — the ending explained — contains significant spoilers.

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In a panic, Sophie rings Pia, she’s looking for Kai. After seeing the email from Alison/AL_2005, Ethan has a pretty good idea of where Kai has gone. Ignoring the calls/texts from his family, Kai gets ready to confront the killer and knocks on their front door.

Clickbait episode 8 recap

Flashback. Two years ago, Nick starts his first day at work, and he’s introduced to the kind-hearted receptionist Dawn. The same person who opens their door to Kai. With her husband Ed (Wally Dunn) beside her, she invites Kai inside. Thinking ahead, Kai makes sure to inform them that Sophie and Ethan know where he is.

Upstairs, Ed grabs his gun and blames Dawn and her “goddamn game” for getting them into this mess. Flashing back to Nick’s first day of work, he allows Dawn to handle his password and sync his phone. Hence how she was able to use his images for the fake dating apps. With Dawn’s personal life boring her, as Ed is more interested in his train set, she uses the opportunity to start a fake profile with Nick’s images.

Back in the present day, Sophie and Pia arrive at the address from Ethan’s email where they find Kai’s bat but nothing else. Upon breaking in, Pia spots framed photos and learns that it’s Dawn’s house. Away from the house, Dawn and Ed are driving home but he senses that something is wrong when they don’t drive the right way. He goes to call someone, but Dawn throws his phone out the window before he can.

Flashback: after creating the “Danny” profile, Dawn takes a call from Sophie, who is looking for Nick. She informs Nick of the call, which is how she learns about Sophie’s affair. Dawn and Ed take Kai to a field, with Ed telling Dawn that he’s not going to prison. With Pia realizing that Dawn planted the photos on Matt’s computer, Det Amir has his whole team looking for Kai which is how they get a sighting of Ed’s truck.

In a flashback, after Emma wants to speak to “Danny”, Dawn uses a voice modification whilst dismissing messages from Sarah. When Ed returns home from work, he notices that Dawn has been pretty chipper, and they have sex. But after he goes to get his baby boo some water, he finds the messages she’s been sending. Explaining that she wanted to know what it was like to be someone who someone wanted and saw, Ed argues with Dawn. This is the moment that Dawn sends the messages to Sarah that led to her suicide.

As Dawn doesn’t want to go on the run, she decides to confess to stealing Nick’s ID. But after Kai makes a run for it, Ed shoots at him, with Kai slumping to the ground. Going outside, Ed and Dawn find that Kai is gone; the bullet didn’t hit him. As Kai hides in a stable, he makes a run for it which leads to all three of them getting separated. Sophie, Pia and Det Amir along with his team arrive at the caravan. Kai hears them looking for them. Although Dawn tries to run from the police, she’s quickly caught.

The ending

In a flashback to the day that Nick died, Dawn and Ed watch reports of Nick’s kidnapping, so Ed destroys evidence that links Dawn to the fake account. But they’re interrupted by Nick, who after escaping from Simon has figured out that Dawn created the fake profiles. As Nick threatens to go to the police, Ed hits him over the head with a hammer, killing him. Spotting a bright light, Kai mistakes Ed for a police officer. Ed holds Kai hostage before eventually letting him go free. Going through his aim of not going to prison, Ed forces the police into shooting him. Clickbait concludes with Nick’s funeral. Although Pia and Andrea are late, we learn that Tara has launched an official complaint against Matt Aldin. The moments have Pia tell Sophie, “We’re still family right” before they walk into the funeral together.

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