Clickbait episode 6 recap – what happened in “The Brother”?

August 25, 2021
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The whole narrative of Nick’s murder is flipped on its head whilst a shocking conclusion hints at the true identity of his killer.

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The whole narrative of Nick’s murder is flipped on its head whilst a shocking conclusion hints at the true identity of his killer.

This recap of the Netflix series Clickbait episode 6, “The Brother,” contains significant spoilers.

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Episode 6 of Clickbait starts with a flashback. Six months ago, whilst working in content moderation, Simon spied on Sarah. Back to the present day, Simon is with his friend Daryl (Jamie Timony). Daryl is freaking out over the leaked messages making it onto the news. Later that day, Det Amir pays Simon a visit, so he texts Daryl: “Don’t answer your phone. Don’t come back today. Don’t go home”. Back to a flashback and a distraught Sarah hasn’t been to work all week. “Why can’t I be like everyone else, why can’t I just be happy?” she cries. Sarah then calls Simon before she kills herself. This is what leads Simon to the conversation with Jeremy, aka Nick.

Clickbait episode 6 recap

With Simon now a suspect in Nick’s murder, Simon practices his alibi with Daryl, but Daryl wants to make a run for it. Meanwhile, Pia stalks Simon and Daryl on Facebook. She notices that Simon only posted a selfie on the day that Nick went missing. She tells Det Amiri what she’s found, and they nearly sleep together. He stops it from happening though, fearing he will lose his job if anyone found out.

Flashing back to the day that Nick disappeared, Simon and Daryl track Nick down and corner him before attacking him whilst he rides his bike by injecting him.

Det Amiri wants a formal statement from Simon at the station, Simon agrees but asks if he can take his own car. He’s allowed to but uses the opportunity to flee from the police. At the same time, Pia has decided she wants to talk to Simon. Finding Daryl, there’s brief eye contact before he tries to kidnap Pia. A passing neighbor distracts Daryl and Pia pushes him in front of a moving car. Simon, meanwhile, is cornered in an alleyway, and after a tense standoff, Simon finally surrenders to Det Amir.

Det wants a formal statement from Simon at the station. Simon takes his own car but uses the opportunity to flee from the police. Pia has come to talk to Simon herself. She finds Daryl, they make eye contact, a van passes by, and then he is gone. Det chases after Simon. Daryl was hiding behind his car and tries to kidnap Pia. But a passing friend distracts him, Pia keys him and pushes him in front of a car. (Anyone else think that Simon was going to force Det Amiri into killing him?)

11 days ago. Nick is held at gunpoint where he is forced to hold up the cards whilst Simon and Daryl record him. Nick denies knowing Sarah and asks Simon what evidence there is to prove he had anything to do with her death. After Simon mentions the dating app, Nick denies ever having one and claims that the photos of him with Sarah are photoshopped as the real one is of him and Sophie. With Simon beginning to believe Nick, he allows Nick to escape. Nick does say, however, that only one person knew about Sophie’s affair and as the affair was discussed with Sarah, he knows who created the fake profiles.

When Simon is questioned by Det Amir, he asks to speak to Pia. She wants to know what he accomplished but she’s taken back when he admits to getting the wrong guy and then when he last saw Nick, he was alive. Det Amir isn’t interested in the claims, he believes that Simon is purely trying to save his own arse.

The ending

Simon is in his cell, distraught with what’s happened. With a quick flashback to Nick fleeing, Clickbait ends in the present day with Nick’s son Ethan in bed. He texts someone saying it looks like they caught the guy who did it.

Talk about an ambiguous ending! So did Ethan kill Nick? Maybe he believed his Dad was guilty of what he got accused of in the viral video and killed him after Nick escaped? Or was it someone else altogether? Ethan sure looks very suspicious at the moment.

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