Clickbait episode 3 recap – what happened in “The Wife”?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: August 25, 2021 (Last updated: February 5, 2024)
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Netflix series Clickbait episode 3 - The Wife


A well-rounded episode that brings further insight into Nick and Sophie’s marriage. As “The Wife” starts, Sophie is arguably the “villain,” but following the episode’s closing moment, she’s far from it.

This recap of the Netflix series Clickbait episode 3, “The Wife,” contains significant spoilers.

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With episode 3 of Clickbait titled “The Wife”, the focus is suitably on Sophie as it appears right now that she could be the one responsible for Nick’s murder.

Clickbait episode 3 recap

Although Sophie at first denies any knowledge of the man fighting with Nick, aka the person of interest, she reveals the truth when she’s shown an image of him from her own social media. (Talk about being caught out). The POI is a former colleague called Curtis (played by Motell Gyn Foster) who resigned from a teaching position. Following her brief questioning, Sophie returns home to crowds of paparazzi.

Later, she pays Curtis a visit. She wants to know why he fought with Nick, with Curtis claiming that Nick attacked him. Before long, Curtis gets arrested. A flashback goes back to Sophie and Nick’s anniversary. Despite the special day, Sophie decides to tell Nick about the affair. With Curtis the prime suspect, Det Amiri tells Sophie that charges will be pressed if she withholds evidence again. After the news quickly catches onto Curtis’ arrest, Pia figures out that Sophie had an affair due to her reaction and defense of Curtis.

Alongside the journalists outside the family home, a strange woman is lurking. After Sophie confronts her, the woman, Emma Beesley (Jessica Collins), claims to have met Nick through a dating app six months ago where he went under the name Danny Walters.

With YouTubers speculating if it was a revenge killing, the news has made the link between Sophie and Curtis and publicly report the possibility of Sophie’s affair. A memorial is held for Nick at his workplace, although judgemental eyes are all on Sophie. Luckily, there is the kind-hearted receptionist Dawn, who is more forgiving and introduces Sophie to Jenny (Mia Challis). Jenny, who was a part of the volleyball team, begins to say Nick was close to some of the other girls, but Nick’s colleague Matt Adlin (Ian Meadows) interrupts the conversation before it can go any further.

The ending

When the memorial becomes too much for Sophie, she rushes out. But as she does, a guest says, “shame on you” to her. Sophie’s response? She grabs her drink and throws it in her face. Well done Sophie! After Pia’s buddy Vincent has used his skills to investigate the dating app, he has learned that not only was Emma telling the truth, but he had been on the app for two years. Long before Sophie’s affair.

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