Post Mortem: No One Dies in Skarnes season 1, episode 6 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 25, 2021
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Netflix series Post Mortem: No One Dies in Skarnes season 1, episode 6 - Rigor Mortis - ending explained


The finale brings a tense, satisfying conclusion as the modern-day vampires race against time to save themselves from persecution.

This recap of Netflix’s Post Mortem: No One Dies in Skarnes season 1, episode 6, “Rigor Mortis,” — the ending explained — contains spoilers. 

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What an intriguing series this has been! We must wonder — will the team behind this story plan to commission more stories? It certainly has an edge; the story can definitely be extended. As we reach the end of season 1, Live and Reinert are in a difficult situation that they must figure out.

Post Mortem: No One Dies in Skarnes season 1, episode 6 recap

To start episode 6, Live and Reinert are washing their faces after confronting Dr. Sverre,, who is now dead. They decide to draw all his blood out to make reserves. Good idea if your entire life force relies on blood. Ludicrously, they put the body in the police car boot. Logically, Reinert feels this is the last place the police will look. Meanwhile, Odd reveals to Live that the bank is taking their house — he looks downbeat and almost defeatist about the situation — he needs to make good money off the next funeral…luckily, Dr. Sverre is about to be found dead.

As for Judith, she refuses to give up on her investigation on Live — she shows her findings to Reinert, leading back to Live’s mother. And then, they are alerted that Dr. Sverre is dead. Odd’s funeral services are assigned to look after the situation. To keep Judith off his back, Reinert tells Judith that there’s nothing suspicious about the death of Dr. Sverre.

Fortune is finally coming Odd’s way as he uses his new sales skills to sell the most expensive coffin to a relative of Dr. Sverre. However, as he is setting up the funeral, he notices that the deceased man is not turning into rigor mortis — he’s soft and limp,, which is unusual for the third stage of death. He raises his concerns to Live, but with her knowing that an investigation will lead back to her, she tells Odd to forget about the limpness of the dead body and proceed with the funeral, so the family business is saved. However, there’s a late spanner in the works; Odd’s moral compass comes to play, and he tells his partner Rose that he has to go through official channels and report it. A heated argument follows.

So with everything in limbo, Reinert and Live fret over a possible autopsy, while Judith is on the case, gaining authorization for a pathology on Dr. Sverre’s body. In a desperate moment, Live tells Odd that she is involved in Dr. Sverre’s death and will hand herself in for murder. Judith shows up and apprehends Live, believing she has finally got her.

The ending

However, in a last minute twist, Odd has a change of heart and shows the power of sibling love. He fully embalms the corpose so the foresensics team cannot look at it properly, leaving Judith powerless and helpless. Live is emotional for what her brother has done for her, appreciative for having her back. As the episode ends, we are shown flashbacks; Odd is confused to why Dr. Sverre was fully drained of his blood when he ebalmed him. Feeling suspicious, he decides to not raise this with his sister.

The future of Live and Reinert could be determined in future seasons; will these modern-day vampires continue giving in to their thirst for blood?

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