Money Heist season 5, episode 4 recap – “Your Place in Heaven”

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 3, 2021 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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Netflix series Money Heist season 5, episode 4 - Your Place in Heaven


Modern combat begins in episode 4 with both sides as desperate as each other. From baby pacifiers to rockets to Berlin’s past heists, this chapter is a whole lot of fun.

This recap of Netflix’s Money Heist season 5, episode 4, “Your Place in Heaven,” contains spoilers. 

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The difference between season 4 and this season is the ideology has changed. The Professor tried to change the public perspective, which feels unanimously on his side now. But now the masks are fully off on both sides, this is a full-scale war. The hostages feel secondary. Even the gold feels irrelevant. This is all about who can win the war at this stage. It’s the underdogs versus systematic authorities.

Money Heist season 5, episode 4 recap

Continuing from the last episode, the bank roof is blown up by the authorities, leaving a hole. Worryingly, Helsinki is hurt from the blast. A concerned Palmero tells Helsinki to get away, but he can’t — he’s injured, and his leg is trapped. The Professor, who is now free, radios into Palmero and Lisbon to help advise on the attack so they can save Helsinki but also flank Sagasta’s squad. It’s all “touch and go” in episode 4.

But before episode 4 gets into the weeds of war, we are given insight into Berlin’s heist at the castle in a flashback. At the castle, there’s an event that Tatiana is performing at with her pianist skills. The son is on board with helping the heist with his cyber skills despite being against the idea in previous episodes. During the heist, Berlin and his son reach the secret vault in the castle, and the son helps decrypt codes to find the right deposit box. They manage to find the gold.

Marseille and Tatiana help distract security while Berlin and his son swap fake ornaments with real Viking gold. They manage to escape, and the son is feeling the endorphins and adrenaline. He now understands the thrill. Berlin suddenly throws the suitcase of Viking gold into the water to teach his son a lesson. He tells him to leave the arrogance and moral superiority behind the next time they do a heist. Of course, this was a short-lived and teasing lesson because as they drive away on the boat, Bogota appears in scuba diving gear, holding the suitcase of gold.

Anyway, to the present; the war inside the bank continues. Helsinki is struggling, and Palmero needs to give him medical assistance, but the issue is that his leg is under a marble column. There are suggestions to cut off Helsinki’s leg, but Palmero decides against it –they need a lever to move the column. They have bought time; due to rocket fire from the heist team, plenty of the Sagasta’s team are wounded. Meanwhile, Professor continues radioing advice to the heist as the authorities plan a second attack. He also tells Marseille to get a baby bottle and a pacifier for Sierra’s baby. It’s a strange situation. One that could have been predicted but still feels weird. Sierra has to give up her gun. The baby is the priority now.

Palmero and Lisbon use smoke bombs to grab a wooden lever to try to help Helsinki and his leg while supported by covering fire. Professor sends Tokyo, Denver, and Manila on the roof, using hostages as a distraction so they can climb down the hole and flanks Sagasta’s unit. Professor then contacts Tamayo and plays a recording of the Colonel stating that they need Arturo to die, so the heist team is seen as murderers. There’s also recorded evidence that he condemned Sierra with fabricated evidence. Professor is finding ways to fight back with psychological warfare. He tells Tamayo to stop the second attack, or he will release this evidence. Knowing he is compromised, Tamayo stands down the second attack. The Professor is back! And better than ever!

With the calm before the storm, Manila suddenly panics on the roof and reveals that she has fallen in love with Denver. Tokyo and Denver try to calm her down, but she wants to get things off her chest in case she dies. Meanwhile, inside the bank, Palmero and others manage to free Helsinki. Professor tells Tokyo to cause a stampede on the roof while Matias shoots his rifle from the roof door to cause confusion. Tokyo and co reach the hole on the roof. Inside the police tent, Angel reminds Tamayo that there are hostages on the roof and it would be unwise to attack.

The ending

As the episode ends, Tokyo, Denver, and Manila reach the hole on the roof and drop down to flank the army unit from the other side — checkmate. Major Sagasta and his men are surrounded. Tamayo radios in and tells Sagasta to stand down — he’s reacting to Professor compromising him. However, Sagasta has other ideas, and they manage to attack back. The war resumes.

Gandia unlocks a security protocol in the bank, and the army flees — three doors close shut, leaving half the heist team in a room, trapped. Professor tells them to retreat to the kitchen. The episode ends with Gandia, Sagasta, and their soldiers approaching Tokyo and the rest of the team. You can cut the tension with a knife!

Modern combat begins in episode 4 with both sides as desperate as each other. From baby pacifiers to rockets to Berlin’s past heists, this chapter is a whole lot of fun.

Additional points

  • In a flashback, Naroibi tells Tokyo she’d like to be remembered for people feeling things for her — “real things.”
  • Stockholm has PTSD in episode 4 as she hallucinates and sees Arturo.

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