Lucifer season 6, episode 4 recap – “Pin the Tail on the Daddy”?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: September 10, 2021
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Netflix series Lucifer season 6, episode 4 - Pin the Tail on the Daddy


Lucifer is on a quest to prove that he doesn’t have a daughter, although the ending lets us know whether his efforts were in vain. Dan’s visit on Earth goes from comical to tragic as actual Hell doesn’t seem to be that bad for Dan after all.

This recap of Netflix’s Lucifer season 6, episode 4, “Pin the Tail on the Daddy,” contains significant spoilers.

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Lucifer season 6, episode 4 recap

Lucifer’s daughter (if that is who she really is) reveals that Lucifer will abandon her before she’s even born. Lucifer is certain she isn’t his daughter, whilst Chloe panics about life in heaven whilst Lucifer rules as God. Determined to prove he doesn’t have a daughter, Lucifer states he will try to find the Non-Demon’s real father.

Dan visits Ella, and just as he thinks she can smell him, it turns out it’s just the frog (also called Dan) that she can smell. Unable to find Lucifer, Chloe stumbles upon him as he tries to find ALL of the women he slept with in the 90s; all were during a masked orgy, would you believe? In their quest, they learn that one woman has a missing daughter, Mira, who could just be Lucifer’s daughter. Dan visits Amenadiel, who, unlike Ella, can see him. As for Maze, so can she! She was just winding him up when she pretended she couldn’t see or hear him.

During their quest to find Mira, Lucifer gets shot (although is obviously ok) whilst Chloe uses Amenadiel’s necklace to beat up a gang that tries to cause them harm. Although Mira isn’t among the group of girls that they just rescued, one girl reveals that Mira met a guy online and went away with him. Using the information, Lucifer tracks Mira down. She’s with her father. When Lucifer questions how the father knew his daughter was his, he reveals that he knew from the moment he looked into her eyes. Lucifer realizes that he had the same feeling when he looked at the non-demon in the eyes.

The ending

Dan watches from afar as Chloe comforts Trixie, who still misses Dan. Dan tells Lucifer that this is worse than Hell and wants Lucifer to take him back. The problem is, Dan is now trapped on Earth. At home, Chloe gets a visit from Lucifer’s daughter/non-demon. She says, “Hi Mom”, and hugs Chloe.

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