No One Gets Out Alive ending explained – what the hell?

September 30, 2021
Jordan Russell Lyon 0
Ending Explained, Netflix
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This article contains major spoilers for the No One Gets Out Alive ending. 

No Gets Out Alive begins with a Portuguese woman on the phone when suddenly the lights go off, and the phone goes dead. An open stone box surrounded by moths begins to move just as a creature appears behind her. We hear her screams as the movie cuts away from her.

A truck of undocumented immigrants arrives in America from Mexico. One of them is Ambar (Cristina Rodlo). But to stay any longer, she must find a form of ID. And without currently having ID, Ambar has to live in a run-down boarding house. It’s not the best by any means, and still, she has to provide one month’s rent for a deposit to the owner, Red (played by Marc Menchaca).

Ambar is able to get work at a garment factory, but the working standards are poor. After meeting with her cousin Beto (David Barrera), he says he will set her up with a better job. The problem for Ambar is that he doesn’t know that she has no documents.

Following even more weird goings-on at the boarding house, Ambar goes for lunch with co-worker Kinsi (Moronke Akinola). But Kinsi takes advantage of Ambar’s situation and flees with Ambar’s earnings. When Ambar tries to get Kinsi’s contact number from their boss, Ambar loses her job.

Back at the house, Ambar hears muffled screams from within the shower drain just as a figure appears in the bathroom. But Ambar may not be all out of luck as Red states he will give her the deposit back. In the meantime, Ambar finds a sobbing woman on her knees before she is dragged away by a creature. Ambar is officially freaked out and calls Beto to pick her up, but he is out of town.

Ambar goes to retrieve her deposit but instead comes face-to-face with his creepy brother Becker (David Figlioli). Later, after meeting Red in a cafe, she returns to the flat after being told that her deposit is in her bedroom. But when she looks for it, it isn’t there. Cornered by Red and later Becker, they force Ambar to drink wine. When Beto arrives, she smashes through a window and screams for his help. But her attempts are in vain as Becker beats Beto to death.

Once Ambar is in chains, Red tells her that Becker believes that the stone box chose him. Red also tells her that Becker killed their mother and father. With Becker ready for the next stage, he takes Ambar downstairs as ghosts(?) watch in silence. Down in the basement, Becker opens up the stone box which moths fly out from as a helpless Ambar watches on whilst trapped to a stone bed.

Shockingly, Beto is alive, and he frees her. But as they attempt to break through a door, it all goes black, and Ambar is back on the stone bed. The creature emerges from the stone box, and just as it appears as though it may strangle Ambar, we learn that Ambar smothered her mother to death.

No One Gets Out Alive ending explained

The creature crawls back into the stone box. Upstairs, while in a room with Red and Petra, Becker senses something is wrong, just as Ambar discovers Beto’s dead body. (He died when he was beaten up by Becker, so he wasn’t alive to help her break the door down). Just as Red is about to inspect, Ambar attacks him. In the midst of the attack, Ambar’s ankle breaks. Plus, after Becker throws Petra to her death, he tries to do the same to Ambar. Ambar, however, gains the upper hand by slashing his throat before bashing his head in. Repeatedly!

With Becker dead, Ambar chains Red to the stone bed, forcing him to be a sacrifice to the creature. She then locks up the room as moths fly out and then walks downstairs. Strangely, once downstairs she sees Red in one of the rooms. Even stranger, as she is about to limp out of the boarding house, her ankle suddenly fixes back into place.

The end! (What a strange yet great ending)

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