Pretty Smart season 1 review – quick witted and full of energy

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 8, 2021
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Netflix series Pretty Smart season 1


Pretty Smart is recommended. It’s funny, “smart,” and full of energy. That’s what sitcoms are all about.

This review of Netflix’s Pretty Smart season 1 does not contain spoilers.

Netflix introduces another sitcom and one that brings a character back down to earth. When Chelsea decides to stay with her sister Claire and her friends on the city’s outskirts, she had no idea that her long-term boyfriend would break up with her as she arrives, thus meaning she has no choice but to stay. The premise of Pretty Smart highlights a personal crisis.

And the amusement comes from Chelsea’s idea of life; she sees herself as this well-versed intellectual that prides on career goals while ironically compromising for her ex’s professional desires. She appears irritated by her sister and friends, feeling that she’s above it due to intelligence.

However, the beauty of Pretty Smart is the knowingness that a minor crisis can turn into something positive. Chelsea is a character that proves you can warm to a new way of life, narrowing away from the hustle and bustle of a busy city, flirting with Ivy League acquaintances. Claire and her friends are not above Chelsea (far from it), and that’s the point — they live life differently. It’s time for Chelsea to reimagine a new life, one where she accepts things differently and embraces new experiences.

And it helps that Pretty Smart is funny too, and it is not encouraged purely by the audience’s laughter. The jokes are quick wit, consistent, and often daring. It brings a binge-feel wave, where it’s likely you’ll get the ten episodes completed within the same day. The cast can be applauded for this. They gel well with matching chemistry, making the sitcom a positive addition to Netflix’s range of comedy content.

Pretty Smart is recommended. It’s funny, “smart,” and full of energy. That’s what sitcoms are all about.

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