My Name season 1, episode 7 recap – before the storm

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: October 16, 2021
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My Name season 1, episode 7 recap - before the storm


The stage is set for a finale in a penultimate chapter that finds Jiwoo so near, and yet so far from the vengeance she seeks.

This recap of My Name season 1, episode 7 contains spoilers.

Usually, a show being predictable is a negative quality. But in some shows it’s a positive; it’s a vehicle for catharsis, giving you the satisfaction of characters you’ve bought into eventually coming to the same conclusions as you. There’s a development early on in My Name episode 7 that made me think of this. It has been fairly obvious, at least to me, that Mujin wouldn’t have killed Donghoon personally. And since the only other member of the Organization who has been a consistent presence is Taeju, that made him the likeliest trigger man. His constant antagonism about Jiwoo, even behind her back before the truth had been revealed, established him as someone who would inevitably receive his comeuppance. Here, he does.

My Name season 1, episode 7 recap

First, though, we check in on Captain Cha – he’s alive but in a bad way – and learn that blood and fingerprints were recovered from the scene of his attack, which will inevitably place Jiwoo there. Promptly afterward, Mujin, having realized that Jiwoo has put the pieces together, orders her kidnapped and killed. This is where she receives the truth of Taeju killing her father. And Jiwoo makes him pay for it.

In previous recaps, we’ve addressed how My Name has frequently and enthusiastically leaned on tropes if only to prove how well it can present them, so how about another? Mujin, with a high-powered lawyer, Ms. Kang, presents himself willingly and smugly to the police department. He claims to be able to prove his innocence, which doubles as him fitting Jiwoo up for everything. With the police still unconvinced by her, and determined to seek her revenge by less lawful means, Jiwoo makes herself scarce with the knife used in the attack on Cha, meaning Mujin is released due to the lack of evidence against him. The stage is being carefully set here, with Jiwoo obviously planning to ensure that she can confront Mujin directly, and alone.

But there’s still a remaining wildcard – Pil-Do. He has been going back and forth on how to feel for a while, and after tracking Jiwoo down using information she has shared about herself thus far, he arrests her. He wants to sit down and speak with her, while Mujin enlists Ms. Kang with ensuring she’s freed so that she can go ahead with her plan. There is still honor among thieves, after all, and Jiwoo has earned her right to a showdown. Will she get it?

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