Me Before You Ending Explained (In Detail)

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: August 4, 2023
2016 movie Me Before You Ending Explained

We discuss the ending of the 2016 movie Me Before You, which will contain significant spoilers and plot twists.

There was a time when romantic dramas were taking over the romance genre, and Me Before You was gutwrenching. The film is based on the 2012 novel of the same name and was written by Jojo Moyes.

In 2016, director Thea Sharrock took on the story in her debut.

The film is about a girl from a small town who forms an unlikely bond with a recently paralyzed man she’s taking care of. Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin had wonderful chemistry and sold their budding romance.

There are incredibly sweet moments throughout, but once they start falling for each other, things get a bit more complicated.

A romantic drama almost always has a heartbreaking ending, and this one definitely punches you in the gut. It was unexpected and became controversial to those who hadn’t read the book, but for lovers of the book, it was important for the ending to stay true to the novel.

It’s always difficult to adapt novels and even more difficult to explore certain subject matter in a safe way for viewers.

Me Before You Ending Explained

How does Me Before You end?

The novel of the same name was written by Jojo Moyes and has a pretty controversial ending. Moyes also adapted the screenplay and wanted to remain consistent. Sometimes things are written for shock value, but the ending for Will and Louisa worked for the journey their characters go on.

The ending isn’t the happiest, and it is bold. Will Traynor (Sam Claflin) does pass away, and Louisa Clark (Emilia Clarke) sits at a cafe in Paris reading Will’s last words to her in a letter that tells her to “live well.”

What did Will leave Louisa after he died?

At the end of the film, Will does leave Louisa with a letter and an inheritance. He wanted her to continue her education and live her life to the fullest. He still had so much love for her and what she had done for him that the life that he wanted for himself would be passed to her.

He saw how wonderful of a person she was and wanted to give her the one thing that he could give her a chance to grow and live life the way she wanted it.

How did Will die?

The controversy lies in how Will dies. Considering that this is an emotional film surrounding Will’s disability and his lifestyle, at the end of the film, he decides to die by assisted suicide despite falling in love with his caregiver.

It’s a heartbreaking ending which made the film and the novel so memorable. While watching the film, you would never think it would lead to that, but unfortunately, life is never easy, and there are some difficult situations for people to overcome.

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