The Four Of Us ending explained – what happened to the couples?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: October 19, 2021
ending of the Netflix film The Four Of Us

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film The Four Of Us, so it will contain major spoilers.

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So after Ben and Maria broke the “No Sex” rules coming to the surface, we’re diving deeper into the truth about what underlines the two couples’ relationship. First, when Janina finally comes up with her pregnancy test, it turns out to be a revelation over Ben’s impotency to have a child. We can see how Maria and Nils are somehow the opposite, they’re not as cuddly as Ben and Janina, due to Nils’s stiffness and his unexpressive nature. This also explains his tendency to smoke weed to feel more relaxed, while Maria is more likely to be emotionally attached and express her love openly. But, Nils always knows exactly what she needs which shows his attentiveness. But the lack of intimacy is what drew Maria to Ben which resulted in breaking the “No Sex” rules. It’s because they’re connected and open to one another. During the eye-gazing challenge, we already see how both original couples are yearning for one another. Despite all the lies nor fake action, the eyes can’t lie. 

Later, Maria unintentionally spilled the tea about Janina and Nils’s sex history, resulting in an emotional outburst within Janina and Ben’s relationship. We can see how for two years, their relationship doesn’t offer the security that each other yearns for. Ironically before the chaos happens, Janina thinks one of the important things for a relationship is security. They have never really opened up and been honest with one another due to their insecurities. Ben with his inability to have a child and Janina with all the internet stuff and validation. Ben also smacks Nils for sleeping with his girlfriend and ends up opening his pants for him due to Nils’s fantasy towards him. Maria, on the other hand, keeps it cool about Nils having sex with Janina since he is honest with her. But this also underlines issues of how Maria’s lack of commitment leads to treating her relationship like an “open relationship” until Janina points it out in the end.

Netflix film The Four Of Us ending explained

After all the chaos, suddenly the table has turned after the squad discovers how Janina already planned the whole “swap partner” experiment and staged her pregnancy test to get her promotion as a journalist. But let’s be honest, thanks to the experiment, the couples do learn and discover the truth of many things that underline their relationship and as an individual. In the end, honesty is everything. Nils and Maria end up successfully rebuilding their trust and intimacy. You can see how they sit on the bench while looking at the horizon ahead. Both of them finally touch one another, and Maria is putting her head on his shoulder. Later, the couple comes together to visit a pregnancy clinic to monitor their baby. Meanwhile, after hiding himself behind the label of failed actors, Ben successfully debuted as a lead actor in a soap opera. Do Ben and Janina is still in a relationship? Well, that’s an open discussion. But what’s important, the thing that’s stopping him in the first place is not his potential but the walls that he builds within himself. As for Janina, her articles about the whole “swap-partners” experiment as the ultimate ways to self-discovery gaining popularity and establish her reputation as a journalist. 

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