Night Teeth ending explained – who survives the vampire tale in LA?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: October 20, 2021
Netflix film Night Teeth ending explained

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Night Teeth, so it will contain spoilers.

In the world of Night Teeth, the vampires have three rules; don’t let humans know that they exist, don’t feed on the unwilling, and finally, don’t enter Boyle Heights without permission. Will all of these rules be broken? You betcha. 

The lead character is a struggling college student named Benny (Jorge Lendeborg, Jr.). Looking to earn some extra cash, Benny poses as Jay (Raúl Castillo) and moonlights as a chauffeur for the night. His first job of the night is to take two women, Blaire (Debbie Ryan) and Zoe (Lucy Fry), on a journey through LA. But when the night turns deadly and bloody, Benn learns that they are vampires and watches in horror as they kill two men.

As the film progresses, we learn that a vampire, Victor (Alfie Allen), has started a war by kidnapping a human, Maria. And just as it turns out, Maria is the girlfriend of Jay, who has attempted to rescue her. But Victor is a dangerous piece of work as he wants to wipe out all humans and take leadership of LA.

Blaire, however, seems to be a lot nicer, and she bonds with Benny. She reveals that she got forced into becoming a vampire by Zoe in the 70s. Just as Benny and Blaire make out, Zoe is shot, which means that Benny has to flee with the pair and take them to Victor’s lair. Once there, Benny sneaks around and finds Jay trapped within a human-sized glass container. He attempts to break Jay out, but unfortunately, Victor stops him from doing so.

Netflix film Night Teeth ending explained

With Benny now a captive, he offers himself up in exchange for Jay. But Victor refuses that offer and even claims he will kill Benny’s grandmother. Blaire tries to intervene, but her attempts fail, and Zoe stabs her. Benny seems out of luck. But is he? He tells Victor and Zoe that “Night’s Over” and his car, which has a stone on the peddle, drives through the lair. The walls and windows break down, and as the sun shines through, it causes an agonizing death for Zoe. 

From the shadows, Jay appears. But he warns Benny that it’s a trap, and within seconds, Victor feeds on Benny. Blaire stabs Victor several times before Jay pushes Victor into the sunlight. Victor then dies in a similar fashion to Zoe. With Benny seemingly close to death, Blaire turns him into a vampire. 

The closing moments of Night Teeth show Jay paying his respects at a memorial for Maria (who had been eaten by Victor earlier in the film). Shortly afterward, he meets Benny. They discuss how the world is changing, and how everyone will have to choose a side. Jay tells Benny “Don’t forget where you came from”. As Benny ponders that thought, he leaves Jay a bag full of cash. Whilst studying, Benny seems to have developed a taste for human blood just as Blaire picks him up.

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