Flip a Coin: ONE OK ROCK Documentary review – a field of wonder

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: October 21, 2021
Netflix Flip a Coin: ONE OK ROCK Documentary


Flip a Coin: ONE OK ROCK Documentary explores the creative process of creating a memorable virtual concert. It also unravels the more profound view of how artists try to push aside the fear and isolation to keep their passion alive while importantly delivering their music to the audience.

Netflix’s Flip a Coin: ONE OK ROCK Documentary was released on the streaming service on October 21, 2021.

COVID-19 has caused multidimensional impacts around the world. One of the biggest downfalls that we’re experiencing throughout the whole pandemic situation is losing our chance to experience an offline concert with our favorite artist. The whole pandemic situation has brought a serious impact on the music and entertainment industries. Many tours and concerts are being canceled and everything is switched to the virtual concert without audiences and due to some restrictions and regulations, some artists are unable to perform as a whole team in one space. This is where technologies kick in. They’ll play their musical instrument separately and the audio engineer and video editor will do their job to patch everything into one stunning visual and sound as if they’re playing together. But still, when we’re talking about music, the feeling to play as an ensemble, the energy that the crowd offers plays a huge deal of satisfaction. 

Netflix’s Flip a Coin: ONE OK ROCK Documentary to witness the other side of the life of an artist during the pandemic. We’re diving deeper into their dilemmas, struggles, and passion of what it takes to be an artist and musician to keep their relevancy, authenticity, and filling the void of not being able to engage with their fanbase that is keeping their music alive during the hard times. The 1-hour-45-minute documentary is directed by Naoto Amazutsumi. It films the process of ONE OK ROCK’s concert Field of Wonder that takes place in Zozomarine Stadium, Chiba City, on October 11th, 2020. The documentary is a mix of personal footage of members’ personal lives, the concert, and in-depth interviews that make the documentary stimulating, humane, and genuine.

For those of you who are not familiar, ONE OK ROCK is an award-winning Japanese rock band formed in Tokyo, Japan in 2005. The band currently consists of Takahiro Moriuchi (vocalist), Toru Yamashita (guitaristbandleader), Ryota Kohama (bassist), and Tomoya Kanki (drummer). They explore a variety of genre ranging from alternative rock, post-hardcore, to pop-rock. ONE OK ROCK rose to fame in 2016 with their groundbreaking single “The Beginning” which also won several awards. From Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards for Eastern Breakthrough Male Band in 2016, Rock Sound Awards for Best International Band in 2017, and Best Live Performance in 2018. The band was also nominated for two Alternative Press Music Awards – Best International Band in 2016 and Best Breakthrough Band in 2017.

Flip A Coin: ONE OK ROCK Documentary does not only uncovers the behind-the-scenes struggles of an artist during the pandemic but also touches the depth of the human story. It shows pandemic changes in everyone’s life including the artist itself. The feeling of not knowing what to do, the immense fear of what the future holds, and how everything feels robbed away in a glimpse of a hand. Despite all the precipitation and vaccines available, the fear and uncertainty still haunt us and affect how we live and perceive things. Nothing is the same anymore for everyone. The genuine personal to additional group footage, and in-depth interview of each member’s personal lives is intriguing and enjoyable to watch because it gives more meaning to the existence of ONE OK ROCK as not just an influential rock band, but a representation of a generation, in a more humane and personal level that fans can connect to. Exploring the relationship dynamic of the group and their activities.

Flip A Coin: ONE OK Documentary unravels the artist’s deep fear and longing to perform in front of a live audience. At some point, we can feel all the void that the artist is experiencing that fills the gigantic stadium even with all the confetti, vibrant light, energetic dancers, to innovative and extravagant stages. There is a time where the band member asks all the staff and everyone to sing along with them to fill the emptiness to the point that question of “Who are we performing for?” pops out. The documentary gives us how the artists deal with fear and isolation to keep their passion sparking and most importantly engaging their music to their audience. But despite everything, music also brings everyone together as one and becomes the courage that drives them all along. 

Like its name, Flip A Coin, or another metaphor of gambling your destiny, we witness the drive and passion the members pour into preparing a memorable experience through their music despite all the red flags surrounding them about the virus. Their willingness to push boundaries by putting their lives on the line to their passion for performing and being in one with the music itself is admirable. The documentaries also give new insight and perspectives of the whole creative process behind an online concert. It’s interesting how we see artists synergize with all the people that are involved to bring the vision to reality despite the restrictions that bind them. From the artistic concept, the CGI to create outstanding visual experiences, the musical direction, the styles and wardrobes, the whole recording and practice session to deliver the quality performance. 

In conclusion, if you’re one of ONE OK ROCK fans or into music or a gig lover, then Flip A Coin: ONE OK ROCK Documentary is definitely worth your time. We’ve seen how artists all around the world keep on producing various music and content and provide their fans with innovative virtual concert experiences amidst the pandemic. How everything presented might seem like an artist is one of the people that are not shaken by the whole pandemic situation, but Flip A Coin: ONE OK ROCK Documentary will open your eyes to that pandemic leaves no room for everyone to escape from all the fears and struggles. 

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