I Know What You Did Last Summer season 1, episode 6 recap – “Least You Had a Spare”

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 1, 2021
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Amazon I Know What You Did Last Summer season 1, episode 6 - Least You Had a Spare


Tensions flare, and secrets are spilled as the series moves at speed.

This reap of Amazon’s I Know What You Did Last Summer season 1, episode 6, “Least You Had a Spare,” contains spoilers.

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The drama is gaining speed now, with the death list mounting. Also, “the cult” is becoming more critical than ever as we reach the final stages of I Know What You Did Last Summer. 

I Know What You Did Last Summer season 1, episode 6 recap

Episode 6 opens showing “12 hours earlier,” where we presume someone has been hurt badly. The group is running away from Clara’s estate, but it’s a struggle. Riley gets on to the main road and messages the crew to explain she got out, but someone in a truck tries running her over. She gets hit by the truck, so she hides in the woods; Riley tries to ring her mother for help. But it’s too late. A blade impales her from behind.

Episode 6 then flits to a flashback with Riley and Dylan at a house party, but he is distracted by the twins. Riley senses his distraction. In the present, concern begins to spread as Riley’s mother and Dylan has no idea where Riley is. The mother heads to the police station as she’s worried. There’s nothing official that can happen unless she’s missing for 48 hours. Plus, the police are way too bothered about indigenous spiders. In a flashback, Riley sees Dylan going upstairs with Lennon at the party, and she is winded. In the present day, the friends get together, and they are worried about Riley.

While looking for Riley, Dylan tells Lennon (Allison) that he was into her on graduation night, but he loves Allison. But before they can continue the conversation, they are shocked to find Riley’s arm, but not her body, meaning she could still be alive. Meanwhile, Bruce confronts Clara and tells her the police know about her spiders. Clara tells Bruce that he has no authority here and that his secrets will still be here even if she isn’t around.

The friends know they have to go back to the estate to find Riley, but they receive a location ping from Riley’s phone. Meanwhile, the mother continues searching for her. The mother finds Riley’s phone, but it’s a trap, and she’s hung by her neck from a digger. Another one bites the dust. The friends are pinged to a different location near the sea, and then they receive a text taunting them. They assume the worst — that Riley is dead. However, the episode flits to Riley. At this point, she is still alive. The police head to Clara’s estate regarding the spiders, but they soon find Riley’s mother dead. The situation is more serious than they thought.

Secrets are spilled in episode 6, which brings a devastating blow to Allison. Bruce confronts Allison, and he knows that she knows that he used to be married to Clara. He then reveals that her mother is alive in a shocking bombshell. Bruce doesn’t want any more secrets between them. Allison has lived her whole life believing her mother killed herself and is distraught. Bruce thought it was better to lie at the time as her mother didn’t want to be part of the family. Bruce mentions the cult and how Fred Phillips has been in touch. Allison puts the pieces together — that her sister knew, which is why they argued that night at the party. Bruce then reveals he kicked her sister out of his car the night she was run over.

The ending

A couple of things happen to end episode 6.

In a flashback, Riley kisses Dylan at the party, and he acts weird about it. Riley tells him she doesn’t want him to be a loser for college, but Dylan reminds her that they are best friends. He doesn’t want to give her the wrong idea. The pair end up arguing over Allison again. Riley was saving herself for him. In the present, Riley continues to struggle with her wounds. Clara eventually finds her, and she’s dead.

Allison messages Fred Phillips and asks for her mother. Margot then tells her that Dylan is gone — she has suspicions about him and believes he’s “sus.” Allison is not convinced that Dylan is the killer. Meanwhile, Dylan is in the cave, and he writes “Riley” on the wall. Clara then drags in Riley’s body, and she tells him the tide is coming in. The culprits are starting to form.

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