I Know What You Did Last Summer season 1, episode 8 recap – the finale/ending explained

November 12, 2021
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The finale formed part a the trend since the start of the series — the story never really nails the thriller at all, and the twist is massively underwhelming.

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The finale formed part a the trend since the start of the series — the story never really nails the thriller at all, and the twist is massively underwhelming.

This reap of Amazon’s I Know What You Did Last Summer season 1, episode 8, “Your Next Life Could Be So Much Happier,” — the ending/finale explained — contains spoilers.

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We’ve finally made it to the finale of Amazon’s I Know What You Did Last Summer remake. And, of course, the finale is all about who the murderer is. That’s if you are still interested by now.

I Know What You Did Last Summer season 1, episode 8 recap – the finale

The beginning of episode 8 brings us back to that night. Lennon seems to run herself at the car that hit her. In the present day, Allison’s mother Helen tells Bruce that she wants what Clara left behind — the bible. She wants to keep the prophecy safe and tells Bruce that “your next life could be so much happier.” The mother wants to know if Allison knows she has a chance. Meanwhile, Allison gives Margot a different story to what happened between her and Dylan; she claims that he called her Allison and was being “sus” all night.

A frustrated Dylan wants to report a crime to Lyla at the police station; he tells her that Allison stole Lennon’s identity. Lyla reveals that Bruce called and said to her that Dylan had been threatening Allison. Dylan gets restless and he admits that they killed Lennon that night and offers to be arrested. Lyla calms him down and asks for evidence.

Lyla interviews Margot and wonders if she saw Allison after she left the graduation party. Afterward, while Margot is in Allison’s bathroom, she sees a used condom. She knows that Allison has lied about the recent events with Dylan. Margot confronts Dylan about it and asks him what happened. Margot has an apparent theory — she thinks that Bruce and Allison are killing everyone.

Allison bumps into her mother Helen; the mother is surprised to see Allison and not Lennon. Allison asks her mother, Helen, why she hates her. The mother tells her to move on as Allison gets upset. They argue, and the mother tells her that her next life can be happier. Helen confronts Bruce again and states she couldn’t find the bible at the compound and wants help to find it. She also wonders what terrible things they did for Allison to steal Lennon’s identity.

Margot rings Dylan and tells him that the twin’s mother is still alive. They believe she will be at Clara’s compound. After this brief phone call, Lennon places a brain inside a jar full of spiders. Margot decides to investigate the compound herself to look for Helen. Meanwhile, Dylan confronts Allison and tells her to tell the truth so he can “set her free.” He tells her that he let Clara free for the next life to fulfill her prophecy. Dylan states he checks on everyone every day at low tide. Margot rings and asks Allison to see her at the compound with Dylan because she was “wrong about everything.”

When Dylan and Allison get to the compound, they find Allison’s mother dead. Dylan apologizes and references that she thought Margot was giving a signal. Suddenly, Dylan is knocked out unconscious, leaving Allison scouring the place, looking for him. Allison finds Margot, and she’s crying. She asks who did this to her, and she says, “you did.” Margot then states her mother caused so much pain, and she couldn’t let her get away with it — she states she did it for the “real Lennon.” The women argue as Allison tries to convince her that she’s still Lennon. Margot doesn’t believe her and stabs Allison.

It’s pretty clear at this point that despite all the strange rituals involving Dylan, Helen, and Clara, that Margot is the murderer. 

Wounded, Allison continues to convince Margot that she’s Lennon. Margot isn’t buying it and asks her why she picked Dylan. Allison tells Margot that no one has ever loved her like this and continues professing her feelings. Margot tells Allison that the real Lennon wouldn’t have apologized.

Dylan finds a wounded Allison, and Margot tells him she’s going to die, and she wields a gun. Lyla hears a gunshot as she gets to the compound. Dylan has managed to take the weapon off her, so Margot acts like Dylan is about to kill them both. Lyla asks them both to get to the ground while she helps Allison. Lyla asks Allison what happened. Margot says, “I love you lemon,” to Allison, and surprisingly, Allison says it was Dylan who attacked her. Dylan is distraught as she’s arrested. As for Allison’s mother, she’s taken to the cave.

The ending

In the ambulance, Margot tells Allison that she put her in a bad situation — she grabs the oxygen tube before kissing her on the head. Why on earth did Allison lie? In the end, maybe she picked her own truth. Perhaps she did fall in love with Margot, so was speaking from a place of feelings. And maybe Margot decided to accept a new reality too, where Allison becomes Lennon in her mind.

Lyla wants to hear Dylan’s side of the story. Dylan insists that Lennon is Allison. Meanwhile, the forensics team prove to Lyla that it was Allison who died that fatal night. However, it’s revealed that Bruce and Allison worked together to switch up family photos, which the police used to reference slight differences.

Dylan is deemed psychotic, and he’s placed in a psychiatric prison. Near the cliffs, Margot asks Allison never to leave her, and Allison responds, “never.” As the episode ends, Riley, still covered in honey and placed in a walking freezer, opens her eyes, allowing further seasons.

In the post-credits, Margot explains how she carried out all the murders. It’s a little for the writers to squash the explanations in a monologue by Margot when the episode has already ended. But in the end, it looks like the writers ran out of steam with this story. This is truly a convoluted finale and one that never really nails the thriller YA series.

What did you think of I Know What You Did Last Summer season 1, episode 8 (the finale), and the ending? Comment below.

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