The Great season 2 – does Catherine finally kill Peter?

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 19, 2021 (Last updated: January 26, 2024)
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The Great season 2 - does Catherine finally kill Peter - hulu

This article, “does Catherine finally kill Peter,” contains significant spoilers regarding The Great season 2. 

One of the best things about The Great is the engaging dynamic between Catherine and Peter. They are the couple from hell, both vying for power, but also have a potential future for their marriage. With a baby on the way, the relationship between them gets confusing. It increases the excitement and toxic chemistry between the pair.

But, there are a couple of scenarios where Catherine can finally kill Peter in The Great season 2. Does she do it?

Does Catherine finally kill Peter? Scenario 1

At the start of season 2, Catherine’s coup to overthrow Emperor Peter is a success, but the main issue is that he’s still alive and trapped on one side of the palace. Catherine does make a feeble attempt to kill him, but Peter throws her off by talking about the due birth of their child Paul.

Scenario 1 continues when Peter flees the palace, but Catherine has him cornered. She tells the others she has different intentions. In order to convince the Russian Church of her legitimacy, she requires Peter to abdicate. If she kills him, she may lose all legitimacy. So, Catherine starves Peter while cornered, and in his hunger, he quits and signs an abdication document.

In scenario 1, Catherine does not kill Peter.

Scenario 2

The second scenario is certainly more serious than the coup. Why? Well, Peter had sex with Catherine’s mother, Joanna, and accidentally killed her. Fortunately, by this time, Catherine has fallen in love with Peter and has given birth to a boy, so that buys him time.

However, once Catherine finds out that Peter had sex with her mother and killed her, she has to decide whether her love is more important. Peter has to make the same decision; does he kill his wife?

Another civil war brews, and Team Catherine and Team Peter wait eagerly on the sidelines at Marial and Maxim’s wedding dinner for the outcome. After a weak apology from Peter and a heated set of statements from both he and Catherine, it seems Catherine accepts that great love and great leadership isn’t perfect, which makes it great. She seems to be forgiving.

Catherine asks Peter to meet him in their room. With Peter’s back turned, Catherine stabs him repeatedly, and he falls. However, in a predictable twist, Peter placed his lookalike in the room, knowing what his wife would do. Catherine is heartbroken and sobbing, believing she’s lost another man that she loves. But then, she looks up and sees Peter.

Catherine hugs Peter, but their future is now uncertain, with the palace once again split. Catherine believed she killed Peter at that moment — did she realize what she lost? Who knows what will happen next season, but these two are destined to love and want to kill each other for eternity.

In scenario 2, Catherine does not kill Peter.

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