Who dies in Arcane Act 3?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: November 20, 2021
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Who dies in Arcane Act 3?

Who dies in Arcane Act 3, needless to say, contains major plot spoilers.

The explosive — literally — final Act of Arcane is now streaming on Netflix, and it’s a doozy. You can read our spoilerific, in-depth thoughts on the final three episodes by clicking here, here, and here, but if you’re the bloodthirsty type, you’re probably wondering which of the major characters actually survived the story. The show certainly hasn’t been shy about killing people off, and a few familiar faces don’t get out of the finale unscathed. So, let’s do some accounting.

Who dies in Arcane Act 3? 


The corrupt Enforcer who spent the season in the pocket of Silco meets his end in the seventh episode, “The Boy Savior”. When Ekko and Caitlyn meet with him to show him the Gemstone and provide proof that Silco has been behind everything, he shoots Ekko and tries to forcibly take the Gemstone. However, the Firelights detonate on the bridge before Ekko confronts Jinx. Marcus’s last words to Caitlyn are an instruction for her to tell his daughter that he loves her.

The young lad in Silco’s Shimmer facility

This seems like a minor death, but it actually forms a major part of Jayce’s arc. All throughout the season, he has longed to help the people of Piltover using his inventions, and when Vi finally convinces him to help take down Silco’s Shimmer manufacturing facility, he’s at the end of his tether with diplomacy. But his first real taste of action results in a sad tragedy — one of the workers there, a young boy, is accidentally killed by Jayce, causing him a great deal of personal trauma and exacerbating Silco’s need for revenge.


Viktor’s ailing health has been a sad subplot all through the season, and in the final Act, it reaches a particularly tragic note when Viktor’s ongoing mechanization of himself using the Hexcore is interrupted by Sky. She tries to pull him away from the powerful object, but she’s sucked wholesale inside it, much to Viktor’s distress.


Silco’s lieutenant has been trying to wrest power from his boss for ages, and in teaming up with Sevika, he believes that the final episode, “The Monster You Created”, is his chance. But he underestimates Sevika’s loyalty to Silco. Just when it seems like they’re about to enact a coup, Sevika actually brings her blade down on Finn instead.

Sevika (?)

The second showdown between Sevika and Vi is one of the clear highlights of “The Monster You Created”, a brutal one-on-one brawl that shows how far Vi has come since their previous encounter. While Vi wins the fight — with a little help from the spirit of Vander — I’m not totally sure that Sevika was 100% confirmed as dead at the end. Still, she wasn’t looking too hot, so she merits inclusion here.


Many of the season-long arcs get a payoff in a deranged final sequence clearly inspired by the Mad Hatter’s tea parties, in which Jinx sits Vi, Caitlyn, and Silco around a dinner table and tasks them all with helping her to decide whether to seat herself in the chair labelled “Powder” or the one labelled “Jinx”. In other words, does she embrace her sister and her old identity, or Silco and her new one. Of course, it isn’t quite that simple, and Jinx’s warring personalities create a lot of confusion. When she eventually opens fire it’s on Silco, killing him, but she nonetheless takes the Jinx chair, completing her arc.

The entire Piltover Council (presumably)

Jinx’s first act after embracing her new persona is to fit the Gemstone into her weapon and fire a giant rocket at Piltover’s council, where everyone from Jayce to Mel and her mother is currently debating. Since the show ends just as the rocket hits, we don’t know for certain the extent of the damage, but it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that everyone present is now dead.

So, that’s who dies in Arcane Act 3, at least to our knowledge. Have we missed anyone? Let us know in the comments below.

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