Hanna season 3, episode 3 recap – tracking them down

November 24, 2021
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Superb scenes of Marissa on the train! Despite the show being titled Hanna, it’s Marissa who proves to be the superior character. The conclusion suggests exciting developments between Marissa and The Chairman.

This recap of Amazon’s Hanna season 3, episode 3 contains spoilers.

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Hanna season 3, episode 3 recap

Following the events of Episode 2, Brianna and her team attempt to track Hanna and Marissa down. But as Marissa is booking several methods of transport, it makes it harder for them to do so. Ethan, meanwhile, returns to his usual restaurant. 

Brianna questions Carmichael; she wants to know where Hanna and Marissa could be. But Carmichael tells her that he will only speak to The Chairman, adding that he wants to speak to him about his “favourite agent”. It works. Gordon calls Carmichael, who asks Gordon to let him bring Marissa to him. And so, as part of his plan, Carmichael calls Marissa, with Brianna listening/tracking. But Marissa isn’t one to be fooled, and she ends the call before she can be located. 

Hanna tracks Abbas down to an apartment block and discovers that Nadiya is his daughter. (I bet Hanna feels a bit silly now). Hanna realizes that the location isn’t secure where the binmen arrive unexpectedly. To keep all of them safe, Hanna sneaks Abbas and Nadiya into the next apartment, but his mother, Sylvie, is shot dead. However, Hanna is soon able to get the three of them to safety. 

Marissa calls Carmichael, although she’s aware that he may have been compromised, and she keeps it short. However, when Gordon hears the call, he hears German audio in the background, and after it’s analyzed, they learn that Marissa is near Vienna. In other words, she’s heading towards Gordon. None the wiser, Marissa tells Hanna that she believes Carmichael is playing them. When Marissa overhears a couple arguing, she realizes that it may have been heard in the background of the call she just made.

Gordon instructs Brianna to shut down The Meadows and move essential personnel to Vienna. At the restaurant, Ethan has his food paid for, alerting him to the fact that he is in danger. When Sandy appears, he is gone. Sandy searches for Ethan, even going as far as to threaten a pregnant lady. “I just need to know where he is, this is your last chance, where is he”. The pregnant lady points Sandy towards the piano, but when she tries to kill her, Sandy shoots the woman dead. Brutal scenes. It’s not often that a show has the courage to murder a pregnant woman, so bravo to Hanna for having the balls to do so.

The ending

Following a tip-off from Ethan, Marissa and Hanna learn that Sandy has been activated. Episode 3 of Hanna ends with Gordon, aka The Chairman, walking up to Marissa; “Hello Mary, it’s been a long time”. This is quite exciting. After Marissa’s character arc throughout the history of Hanna, it’ll be intriguing to witness how she’ll respond to coming face-to-face with The Chairman.

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