True Story Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – “Greek Takeout”

By Jordan Lyon
Published: November 24, 2021 (Last updated: December 4, 2023)
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Netflix series True Story episode 2 - Greek Takeout


The show improves massively from its shorter episode length while the two brothers work together to cover up a murder. Even though a stronger ending could have helped, the strength of the first two episodes should keep audiences watching.

This recap of the Netflix series True Story Season 1 Episode 2, “Greek Takeout,” contains spoilers. 

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True Story Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

The second episode of True Story starts with Kid in a prison cell. But fear not, as it’s revealed to be nothing but a clip from one of his movies. (Which features an A-List cameo!) Also watching the movie are Kid’s biggest fans, who are a bunch of children and Gene (Theo Rossi). As Carlton attempts and fails to get rid of Ari’s body, Billie tries to make adjustments to The Kid’s jokes, but his mind is elsewhere. His mood turns worse as he publically blows off Gene, causing concern from Todd (Paul Adelstein). It’s not helped when his ex-wife Monyca (Lauren London) calls. After Kid realizes he could use one of the wardrobe boxes to get rid of Ari’s body, he cancels soundcheck. However, there’s a photoshoot about to happen in his hotel suite.

Arriving at the hotel, The Kid ignores fans. Upon walking into his suite, the photo crew is inside. But luckily Carlton has hidden the body in the bathtub. Before long, the photoshoot finishes, and the two brothers prepare to get rid of Ari’s body. Problem is, it may not fit in Carlton’s car. So instead, he gets the keys for the Sprinter from Hersch.

The ending

It’s just their luck that as they drive around with the body in the van, they’re pulled over by police officers. But Kid and Carlton need not worry, as the officers are simply fans; and they want some pictures. “Kid’s brother, take this”, the officers say to Carlton. That comment must have hurt Carlton, even if just a little bit. Anyways, there’s no time to sweat as they still have a body to get rid of. The second episode of True Story concludes with the brothers, who after chucking Ari into a dumpster, play a game of basketball. 

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