True Story episode 3 recap – “Victory Lap”

November 24, 2021
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Netflix series True Story episode 3 - Victory Lap


Overall, a solid episode with Kid’s journey taking an unexpected turn following Gene’s announcement towards the end of the chapter. But is there something corrupt with Carlton’s debts?

This recap of Netflix series True Story episode 3, “Victory Lap,” contains spoilers. 

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True Story episode 3 recap

After the events of the second episode, Kid wakes up just as a cleaning crew arrive to clean up his hotel room. Carlton gets shown to be in possession of some of Ari’s belongings, including his phone. Ari gets shown to have four missed calls from Nikos. Just then, Carlton gets called by Savvas (Chris Diamantopoulos). It just so transpires that Carlton owes a lot of money to Savvas, and he wants to know where Ari is.

After attending the gym, Kid apologies to Abbey after being rude to her in the previous episode. It doesn’t take long before the pair of them are having sex. Meanwhile, after Kid’s outburst of Gene has gone viral, Todd tries to calm the “media shitstorm”.

Carlon tells Kid that Ari’s brothers, Nikos (John Ales) and Savvas, want to meet him. Whilst Carlton still has Ari’s phone, it’s a burner phone, so can’t be traced, and has no evidence that Ari ever met him or Kid. But as Carlton is in debt to the sound of $600,000 to the brothers., Kid agrees to pay it for him to cover their tracks. Next, to protect his image and to correct the matter with Gene, Kid gives him free tickets to his show later that night. He then allows Billie to open for him at The Garden. It’s one way for him to apologize as Billie would put it. Later, as he does a radio interview, Kid publically reveals that Gene will be coming to his show.

The ending

During a hostile interaction, Carlton meets with Ari’s brothers. They want cash payment from Kid. As Billie questions Kid’s recent kind behavior, the crew do a group pep talk before Kid’s upcoming show. But when Gene appears, it all goes south for Kid. Gene reveals that he has video footage of him and Carlton dumping the body. Before The Kid can ask more questions, he gets forced into starting his show. But he freezes once he gets on stage.

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