True Story Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – “We Should Be Together Too”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: November 24, 2021 (Last updated: December 4, 2023)
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Netflix series True Story episode 4 - We Should Be Together Too


Gene’s announcement, no matter how kind his intentions were, threatened to destroy Kid. But nothing can prepare him for what is to come after a body gets found in the closing moments.

This recap of Netflix series True Story Season 1 Episode 4, “We Should Be Together Too,” contains spoilers. 

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True Story Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Following Gene’s announcement in episode 3 of True Story, Kid freaks out on stage and rushes away from the audience. When Herschel tries to find out why Kid punches him in the face. As everyone now has cause to be alarmed about Kid, everyone is calling him. When his ex Monyca manages to reach, she asks if he is using again to which he says no.

As Carlton rewatches footage of Kid’s meltdown, Kid appears. Here, Carlton learns that Gene has footage of them both dumping Ari’s body. With emotions high, the two brothers attempt to knock the s**t out of each other. But as quickly as they turned violent, they soon calm down again. The Kid remarks that he should have called an ambulance when Daphne OD’ed. “You should have” Carlton responds.

The Kid messages Gene on Instagram; “Let’s Meet Up”. Gene is quick to respond, “Love to meet. Just tell me where.” Finally, there’s some good news for The Kid; the network is interested in meeting a sequel. Todd pauses the meeting, annoyed that The Kid and Carlton are more interested in their phones. Conversation soon turns to Carlton’s debts. As a result, The Kid sends $600,000 to Carlton to pay back the money he owes. 

Next, the two brothers go to meet Gene. But will The Kid kill him? Gene asks why The Kid froze up during the show. Shocked, Kid reveals he freaked out after Gene told him about the video. For which, Gene claims that he followed The Kid to make it up to him for upsetting him. But after seeing Carlton, Gene appears to freak out. The Kid gets his gun out. But Gene is instead just excited to meet Carlton and reveals a newspaper cutting he has of Carlton.

So instead of killing Gene, The Kid goes IG Live with Gene, which provides Gene with hundreds of new followers. The plan to kill Gene is no more it would seem. Next, The Kid tells Gene to put his number in his phone with an offer of lunch for the following day. Kid remarks to Carlton, “I’m a hero to him, I can convince him to delete the video”. But can he?

The ending

Whilst Billie performs her stand-up gig, The Kid and Carlton visit Nikos and Savvas and hand them the money. But as they haven’t heard from Ari, you just know that this is far from over. Episode 4 of True Story concludes as Carlton learns from Julien (Avery Kidd Waddell) that Ari’s body has been found. 

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