True Story Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – “Hard Feelings”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: November 24, 2021 (Last updated: December 4, 2023)
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Netflix series True Story episode 5 - Hard Feelings


Carlton may have done the unthinkable to protect himself and Kid. But with Savvas and Nikos proving they have no limits, did Carlton feel like he had any other choice? Who knows, but how will Kid react?

This recap of the Netflix series True Story Season 1 Episode 5, “Hard Feelings,” contains spoilers. 

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True Story Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

After Ari’s body was found in the previous episode, Kid has a nightmare where he envisions Daphne telling him that her body will be found next. Kid also continues to fake a friendship with Gene and makes a plan to meet him later that evening. Afterward, Kid goes on YouTube and watches footage of Billie’s stand-up gig. She’s got rave reviews with one comment writing, “Kid’s punk ass should step aside and let Billie take over the tour”. Uh oh, not great news for The Kid.

Savvas and Nikos inform Carlton that Ari’s body has been found. And as they believe Ray is the one responsible, Carlton is forced to watch as they bear Ray senselessly. But after Ray says he has told them all that he knows, Savvas kills him. Although it may have been for nothing as when they search Ray’s phone, there’s no message from Ari. Which could suggest that he had nothing to do with Ari’s death.

Before a show, Kid and Gene hang out together, which absolutely delights Gene. During the show, Kid spots Will in the audience and calls him out for his earlier behavior on the plane, from episode 1. After the show finishes, Will gets into Kid’s face and says that he has since been fired. It doesn’t seem to sit right with Gene, and he heads back to the hotel. Kid chases after Gene where Gene states that he believes Kid has treated Will like garbage.

The ending

Brothers Savvas and Nikos track Ari to the Four Seasons, but the staff member Ditmar (Michael James Bell) tells them that he hasn’t seen Ari all week. The Kid tries to convince Gene that he was justified in his behavior of Will. But Gene says that he saw himself in Will. Aware that the brothers went to The Four Seasons, Carlon visits Gene and leaves Ari’s watch with him as a “gift”. After he leaves, Carlon calls up Savvas and Nikos, “I think I found the dude you’re looking for”.

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