True Story Season 1 Episode 7 Recap and Ending Explained

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: November 24, 2021 (Last updated: December 4, 2023)
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True Story episode 7 recap - the ending and finale explained - netflix series


As the ending of the previous episode would have you expect, the finale of True Story is a twisty yet dark end for Kevin Hart’s character.

This recap of the Netflix series True Story Season 1 Episode 7, “Like Cain Did Abel,” — the ending and finale explained — contains spoilers. 

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True Story Season 1 Episode 7 Recap and Ending Explained

After discovering Carlton’s secret in the previous episode, Kid follows Simone/Daphne. Although she tries to deny knowing him at first, Simone reveals that she was told to get him drunk and pretend to be dead. Kid believes, or at least wants to believe that it was Ari’s idea. But Simone reveals it was Carlton’s idea and he brought Ari in. 

Speaking of, later that day, Carlton has four missed calls from Simone. Will she tell him what Kid now knows? After watching footage of Gene with Kid on TMZ, they notice that Carlton is in the background. This alerts them to the fact that Carlton lied to them and therefore is likely to be involved in Ari’s death.

Carlton has four missed calls from Simone whilst BROTHER watches the footage of Gene with The Kid and Carlton on TMZ. Which alerts them to the fact that Carlton is a liar. Unaware of the looming danger, Kid reaches breaking point and trashes his hotel room. He, however, remains surprisingly calm when, for the first time since he found out the truth, he comes face-to-face with Carlton.

Savvas breaks into Simone’s apartment: “Where’s Carlton?” When she provides no answer, he slaps her across the face. Meanwhile, still shockingly calm, Kid asks Carlton which one he prefers, “Simone or Daphne”. Kid now blames Carlton for turning him into a murderer and tells him that “You’re dead to me”. Savvas continues to beat up Simone but when Nikos rings him and tells him that he knows where Carlton is, he shoots her to death. 

Carlton sees that Savvas and Nikos have found them and he has himself and Kid flee from them. In the commotion, Herschel gets shot by them. It’s an exciting sequence of events that concludes with both pairs of brothers cornering the other. As Carlton tries to bid for Kid’s safety, Kid shoots both Savvas and Nikos dead. “When the cops get here, let me do the talking”. But that won’t happen as Kid shoots him. As he cradles Carlton’s body, Kid tells him, “You always told me that I needed protection from everybody else. But I don’t. I need protection from you”.

The ending of the finale

3 Days Later. Kid is with a make-up artist (Natalie D. Woodard), who expresses her sympathy over Carlton’s death. Herschel appears, having checked himself out of the hospital; he appears to be fine. But he does reveal to Kid and Todd that he overheard everything Kid said to Carlton at the football match. And as a result, Kid reveals the truth of what happened. Sort of. He reveals that Carlton set him up by faking Simone’s death, that he killed Ari after he tried to get money out of him, and that Carlton set up Gene. Then, Kid claims that after Savvas and Nikos learned the truth, they came after him and he shot them to death after they killed Carlton. 

Regardless of Kid’s story, Herschel is, understandably, angry and accuses Kid of only protecting himself. He then makes the announcement that he will only protect Kid’s story if he receives six million dollars. Kid agrees, preferring his money to go to Herschel than Carlton or Ari. After Herschel leaves, Kid tells Todd to tell the studio that to make the sequel he wants his fee increased by six million dollars. 

True Story concludes with the scene that started the limited series as Kid prepares for an interview with CNN tonight. Most of the surviving key characters watch as Kid tells the interviewer that he has no knowledge of Carlton’s actions. Kid finishes the show by saying he will focus on his family and allow himself to grow into the best man he can be. “I feel that’s the only way to give my story a happy ending”. 

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