Spoiled Brats review – ditch the lavish lifestyle

November 27, 2021
Jordan Lyon 0
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Whilst this won’t be anyone’s number one film of the year, it’s still fun to watch. Quirky with a nice subject of not depending on others, Spoiled Brats is one for the family to enjoy. The lesson of Spoiled Brats? Be kind to those around you.

This review of the Netflix film Spoiled Brats does not contain any spoilers.

Spoiled Brats is a French comedy about Francis Bartek (Gerard Jugnot) and his low, very low, opinion of his three children. Following an embarrassing birthday celebration, Francis realizes that his children are nothing more than “spoiled brats”. So he decides that he must teach them a well-deserved lesson. But will it all go as he plans? A comedy safe for all of the family, there are moments everyone will like.

The cast is all stellar in their roles. And despite the film being about spoiled brats, none of the characters are overly annoying. Instead, even at their “worst” moments, the characters have a certain charm towards them. The “spoiled brats” themselves are Stella (Camille Lou), Philippe (Artus), and Alexandre (Louka Meliava). Their journeys throughout the film are a delight to watch. With some laughs along the way, Spoiled Brats features enough joyfulness to keep you happy from start to finish.

With the subject manner of spoiled brats, it’s not one where you have to wonder about the suitability for younger eyes. Instead, this could be enjoyed with the whole family. And no, that doesn’t mean that adults will be bored. There’s enough in the film for everyone to enjoy. If anything, this film could be a lesson to treat everyone with kindness and respect. Which, let’s face it, is something a lot of people need educating on.

It may not be perfect in every single way, and for instance, a certain amount of leeway has to be taken with certain moments of the film. But as a whole, it’s highly enjoyable and should make the perfect entertainment for the night. Even with that in mind, however, just don’t expect to remember the film a month down the line.

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