Lost in Space season 3, episode 1 recap – the opening chapter explained

December 1, 2021
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The premiere of the third and final season brings the audience up to speed on where our characters are after the parents were split from the children.

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The premiere of the third and final season brings the audience up to speed on where our characters are after the parents were split from the children.

This recap of Netflix’s Lost in Space season 3, episode 1, “Three Little Birds,” contains spoilers.

Read the recap of the season 2 finale.

All in all, Lost in Space has been a successful title for Netflix. We are here for the third and final season, and there’s plenty our characters need to do in order to get to their new home, Alpha Centauri.

Lost in Space season 3, episode 1 recap

Episode 1 opens with Judy exploring a deserted ship, and her mission is to find out what happened to the Fortuna crew. Suddenly, a broken-off asteroid heads towards the ship. Unable to finish her mission, Judy heads back to the Jupiter as it sets off. Dr. Smith manages to grab her as she floats through space, which surprises everyone — she has revealed herself to be alive.

Episode 1 moves to 349 days later. Will leaves the ship and takes in the surroundings of the planet. The children have created a cute, tiny outpost for each other. Judy logs that most of the planet has died, but they have found resources and even have a school led by Smith. There is still hope to make it to Alpha Centauri, and they are scrambling to find as much titanium as possible to make it there, but it’s slow progress. Judy is filing these reports in the hope that her father eventually retrieves them. Season 3 presents the aftermath of the end of season 2, giving the audience a taste of where the characters are.

As for John Robinson, he’s in a “Danger System” on an unnamed rainforest planet. They’ve located more Resolute wreckage, but they also have to make themselves invisible to the enemies on the planet. Suddenly, robots find them, and Beckert is killed. There’s another issue when they return to the ship — they need a robot’s engine to get to Alpha Centauri. They need to try and take one without taking a hit. Maureen is absent from the meetings to offer any ideas and does not appear interested in speaking to John. The parents are distant from each other since losing the children.

Back to the kids, and a meteor is heading towards the planet. They all head to the bunker. Fortunately, it doesn’t hit their camp, and it is a false alarm. Judy tells Penny that she’s not setting an example by not heading towards the bunker, but Penny states they always burn up in the atmosphere.

With all the meteors breaking up in the atmosphere, there’s now a serious risk that the children will not be able to get off the planet on their ship. Judy has an idea; there’s a rich titanium source two miles up the canyon — she thinks they should go get it and have one shot at it, and it’s dangerous, which is why they haven’t considered it before. Penny and Judy keep clashing with each other over plans.

But after some arguments, Judy, Penny, Will, and others climb the mountains to get to the source. While climbing, Vijay falls as he was trying too hard – he was trying to impress Penny in front of Liam. Vijay is injured, so Judy sends him back to camp with Liam, which conveniently leaves the siblings to finish the mission alone. Staying in tents overnight, Penny learns that Judy is looking for Grant Kelly, which irritates her.

Suddenly, the rocky platform they are on begins collapsing, and bugs crawl over their tent. The siblings suddenly find themselves stranded — the bugs are eating the rocky pillar beneath them. They have to keep going up, so they do not lose the titanium; Will proposes the idea to fly up the updraft using tent materials and holding on to each other. Amazingly, the science of it works, and they find themselves higher up as planned.

Now in safety, Penny gets emotional and admits to Judy that she realizes that her sister was looking out for her. She gives her equipment so she can find Grant Kelly, while the other two siblings continue to source the titanium so they can fix the engine.

When Will returns from their mission, Smith reveals his secret — he “lost” an entire ore of titanium, and he’s sabotaged their mission to Alpha Centauri. Will admits that the robots are looking for him because they know his name. He states he is working on it and asks Smith to keep it a secret. Later in the night, Will speaks to Robot about the missing ore — he knows Robot was the one sabotaging their mission. Robot states he is helping Will – he feels danger. Will tells Robot that due to the robots and the violent threat they pose when they get to Alpha Centauri, they need to leave everyone else to be safe. He asks Robot to trust him.

The ending

A couple of things happen to end the plot-heavy opening chapter.

John finally speaks to Maureen, and he tells her that they need to clear out the kid’s rooms, but she avoids the conversation and goes to bed. John reminds Maureen that she is his wife, but Maureen states that she used to be a mother. Later in the night, the husband and wife finally talk to each other softly and reminisce over their children.

As the episode ends, Judy gets a signal high up the mountains. John wakes up and finds Maureen in a spacesuit, smiling — she’s ready to work with John again. As for Robot, he sees something land on the planet in the night sky, so he checks it out. Ahead of Robot appears to be an ancient community.

Captain log

  • Smith asks Will what’s taking so long with the titanium — she’s being her usual, curious, but manipulative self. Will is irked by her intrusive questions and asks her to stop bothering him.
  • Smith tells Robot that Will is hiding something.

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