Lost in Space Recap: Accessing The Inaccessible

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 24, 2019 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Netflix Series Lost in Space Season 2, Episode 7 - Evolution


Lost in Space Season 2, Episode 7, “Evolution” offers new problems for John and Will as the mission to Alpha Centauri is under a lot of risks.

This recap of Netflix Series Lost in Space Season 2, Episode 7, “Evolution” contains significant spoilers.

Lost in Space Season 2 is rolling on a consistent narrative so far with the objectives beginning to bed in as we reach the tail end of the story.

Episode 7, “Evolution” opens up with Will (Maxwell Jenkins) and the Robot drawing together — he gives the Robot a brief overview of the timeline so far. Maureen thanks Ben, but flashbacks show that Ben is planning to capture the Robot in the same conditions as the Scarecrow in liaison with Hastings.

Episode 7, “Evolution” then flits to Judy who is checking out John’s wound; he is nearly recovered. Penny tells John that Dr Smith is turning over a new leaf. I frowned a little at this dialogue, but we’ll get to it later. John speaks to the Captain and asks about the contaminated water but also confronts her about the difficult decision that put his family at risk. Their conversation is sidetracked as comms receive an audio signal and John is quickly escorted off the bridge.

Back on the planet and the Robot looks at the other destroyed robot. Ben is still acting suspicious and looks a little guilty as he looks at Will and the Robot.

John visits Don in his prison cell. He tells him about the secret audio signal on the bridge and claims something is up. Don advises that all recordings will be held in the server room but unfortunately he cannot leave his cell to help. I’m confident John could have figured out both of these things. John has no choice but to speak to Dr. Smith about helping him but she claims she cannot, as she’s a doctor on this ship. The pair have a “no-bulls–t” conversation.

Back on the planet in “Evolution”, and Maureen finds a pickup spot in the south. She notices Ben’s scars and says her son Will has the exact same scars. Ben says he thought he had a special connection with Scarecrow — “these things aren’t alive. They don’t know what life is”.

Dr. Smith gives John access to the server room. Meanwhile, Judy tells Don that everyone will know he is a hero when they reach their destination. Don accidentally tells Judy about the secret audio signal and that Smith is helping John. Judy is concerned that Smith is involved.

Episode 7, “Evolution” moves back to the planet again and Will asks his mother if she trusts Ben. Before she could really answer, the dinosaur-like creatures return and they are hunting the cow-like creatures. The cows stampede and head their way, putting them in immediate danger. The Robot walks in front of the stampede and Will fears the worse. When the stampede disappears, it’s evident that the Robot was protecting Will’s horse. Ben says it differently, asking Maureen why the Robot did not listen to Will.

Judy grabs Penny and they head to John and Dr. Smith. John continues to go through the server logs while Dr. Smith is a little nervous — she confesses to never having a partner in this type of situation before as she’s learned to trust her. John admits to her that he hasn’t always been perfect. John finally finds the signal — he’s heard it before; it’s the sound from an alien ship but it’s not just one, it’s coming from everywhere.

Back on the planet, Ben looks at his watch which says “prepare target for acquisition”. In a sad moment, Will’s horse is hurt by some toxin and it is not going to make it. The Robot is sad and spares a moment to grieve. Ben is confused about how the Robot can be upset.

John and Dr. Smith leave the server room but John is immediately arrested — Smith tipped him off. Hastings asks Smith why she turned John in and she explains she did not want to spread panic to the rest of the crew about the audio signals. Hastings believes Smith can be extremely valuable.

Dr. Smith is now trusted by the high command at the Resolute. Take that as you will.

Ben, Maureen, Will and the Robot prepare for extraction. Ben tells Will how important this all is and then notices that the horse is holding the bridle badge from the horse to keep as a memory. Ben changes his mind; the Robot will not be placed into the storage container — he has seen enough humanity in the Robot to be convinced that Will has a trusted connection; the Robot will board the ship normally and will not be given the same treatment as Scarecrow.

Lost in Space Season 2, Episode 7 then moves back to the ship where John is briefed on his perimeters — he’s under house arrest. While Penny and Judy protest against Smith who is looking smug, it is revealed that Smith and John were actually in on it together; they planned for Smith to offer the tip on John so she could earn Hastings’ trust. Smith reveals that they will only be taking the people on board the Resolute to Alpha Centauri due to the lack of water supply — they are abandoning the rest of the people on the planet.

I found this to be quite an extreme swerve for the Resolute who only seems to go for the extreme options, but it serves well for the drama.

Maureen is asked by Victor (who is at the colonist camp) why they’ve had no orders to go to the Resolute. Will tells the Robot that it is going to save everyone. Meanwhile, Ben tells Hastings that they don’t need to put the Robot in chains as Will does not need to force the Robot to help. You can tell that Hastings is cynical about the situation. Will asks the Robot to remove the engine from the Jupiter 2. It’s working. As the Robot gets to work, Hastings speaks to Maureen in private; he tells her about the alien ships and how John is under house arrest. He conveniently leaves out the crucial information that the Resolute will be leaving people behind.

Maureen goes to see John and they talk about the abandonment of the colonist camp — the Robot finishes the implementation of the engine. The Resolute is ready.

Lost in Space Season 2, Episode 7, “Evolution” closes with Maureen asking Izabel about another planet nearby but the plans of going to that planet suggest a mutiny. John says they need a plan. I’m not entirely sure what the plan is at this stage, but my hunch is that this planet holds enough chemicals to decontaminate the water supply thus giving the opportunity to ensure everyone can head to Alpha Centauri.

Space Logs

  • Will shows the Robot the horses and how they are domesticated. The Robot strokes the horses and melts their bridle thinking it is cruel and says “friend”.
  • Don gives Judy a list of former customers he owes.

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