Lost in Space season 3, episode 2 recap – “Contact”

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 1, 2021 (Last updated: January 12, 2023)
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Netflix series Lost in Space season 3, episode 2 - Contact


More discoveries are made as hope becomes the central theme of episode 2.

This recap of Netflix’s Lost in Space season 3, episode 2, “Contact,” contains spoilers.

It’s clear that season 3 is trying to bring a strong basis for the robots and their origin story as an intrinsic link for the characters to make it to Alpha Centauri. It’s certainly an interesting plot angle.

Lost in Space season 3, episode 2 recap

Episode 2 opens with Judy trying to prepare herself to meet her father, Grant Kelly. She’s nervous. Eventually, she finds her father in a cyro pod in the Fortuna ship and initiates the wake sequence, but it malfunctions, putting her father’s life at risk. She has to grab the defibrillator as Grant goes into cardiac arrest. She manages to restore his pulse, and her father wakes up. Judy does not tell Grant that she is his daughter. We are witnessing a unique reunion father/daughter story.

Grant has many questions, but he’s curious that Judy’s crew are children. He’s also sad that he’s lost 20 years of his life. The pair decide to get to work to return to the camp, assembling an old NASA space truck. As the pair talk, they reveal they have a lot in common. As Grant and Judy make it back, they have to navigate a sandstorm.

John, Maureen, and Don head out on the ship to look for the remains of a SAR. Maureen thinks it would be beneficial to find parts of the robot and put it back together. Don has concerns that the robot will want to hurt them. Don and John head out to find parts, and Maureen struggles to keep a radio connection with them both from the ship. At first, finding the SAR appears to be a lost mission. Maureen is worried that if SAR is back and activated, it will find a way to get to Will. John tries to reassure his wife, but then Don notices robot marks on the ship door. They are in the presence of a robot.

Will tells Smith that Robot is missing and asks her to look out for it. Penny and Liam find some static energy on a wall and come across a cave; Smith believes it could be Robot. Will wants to go through the cave, so he and Penny go in it, while Smith keeps hold of a tracking rope from the outside. Penny accidentally hits what looks like a switch, and doors close in on Will and his sister. They are trapped, and they are worried they are in danger from robots. The siblings are scared, but then Robot finds them and says, “Danger, family.”

Robot leads them to an ancient place (alien city), and Robot confirms that this is the place where he was created. Lost in Space is giving Robot origin story.

The ending

John still thinks they should catch the robot as it’s their only chance. Suddenly, Will and Penny can communicate with their parents.

Robot shows Will, Penny, and Smith the Danger system — he reveals that his parents are in danger on the Jupiter 2 and says, “help family.” Meanwhile, The parents realize the robot they have caught is Scarecrow, and they can communicate with their children via both robots. It’s an emotional moment with parents and children finally reunited in the strangest way possible.

Will reveals to their parents that they didn’t make it to Alpha Centauri yet, but they should be there in a couple of days. Robot tells the children and the parents that they can help each other. The communication link breaks, but the good news is — Maureen, John, and Don have their robot.

With emotions high, Judy tells Grant Kelly that she is his daughter. It’s an uplifting and emotional moment between them as they look at each other for the first time as father and daughter.

Will realizes that Robot found Scarecrow and his parents as a way of saying sorry. He wonders if the original programming is obsolete and if they can change the course of the robots. Will asks if SAR will remember him. The episode ends by flitting to a scene — the robots reactivate SAR. This is far from over.

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