Lost in Space season 3, episode 3 recap – “The New Guy”

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 1, 2021 (Last updated: January 12, 2023)
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Netflix Lost in Space season 3, episode 3 - The New Guy


Season 3 is certainly not a farewell tour — there’s a real story here.

This recap of Netflix’s Lost in Space season 3, episode 3, “The New Guy,” contains spoilers.

As we move towards the halfway point of the third and final season, the story intensifies, and we do not feel any closer to Alpha Centauri. Season 3 is certainly not a farewell tour — there’s a real story here.

Lost in Space season 3, episode 3 recap

Don, Maureen, and John follow Scarecrow, who leads them to a ship — there’s an engine on it. Episode 3 brings an engine heist. The only problem is, the ship is surrounded by robots. John is suspicious of Scarecrow, so he spies on the robot and sees that it’s looking at the location of the Sunshine Base. Maureen sees that Ben Adler’s personal file is open and thinks Scarecrow is trying to remember the past.

Later on, Maureen tells Scarecrow that what happened to him was wrong, and she reassures the robot that it will never happen again. She explains that they need to trust each other, so she offers Scarecrow the weapons that could hurt him. However, when she opens the case with the weapons, one of them is missing. Not the best trust exercise we’ve ever seen!

Judy and Grant Kelly continue their mission after reuniting for the first time as father and daughter. Judy and the crew reunite, and there’s a lot of respect for Grant as he’s a living legend. Grant and others help move the other cyro pods that consist of Fortuna’s crew. There are 19 hours until their launch window closes.

Will is still at the ancient alien city — he logs it as the most important archaeological site in history. He finds skeleton remains — the ancient civilization built the robots in their own image. As he investigates further, Will sees that something tragic happened to this civilization. He finds an ancient control panel with handprints on them. He touches one of them, but nothing happens, so he uses a deceased hand to activate the technology; each control brings different high-pitched shrieks.

The shrieks reach the communication systems back at the base. Smith offers to help Judy find Will. Later on, Penny sees new calculations; they need to launch sooner. They alert Grant because they cannot find Judy or Will. Grant disables autopilot so that they can control Jupiter manually.

Meanwhile, Judy and Smith navigate through the caves. Smith reveals she can operate the Jupiter and that she can be helpful. She admits that she knows Judy’s plans to put her in the cyro pod to save oxygen. She thinks Grant should be in the cyro pod and states she can’t trust Judy — she believes she will be handed to the police at Alpha Centauri. Smith gets emotional, explaining that she cannot trust anyone, and wonders why she’d climb into a cyro pod if no one would want to wake her up. Smith is about to attack Judy, but then they hear shrieks again.

Will is struggling as the ancient city starts crumbling apart. The door to escape starts to close, but Smith manages to keep it open for him with the weapon she was going to hit Judy with. Will is saved.

The ending

Penny talks to Judy about Grant Kelly disabling autopilot. Grant tells Judy that she’d have made the same call — he believes that autopilot isn’t the only answer and wants to manually fly the ship off the planet. He tells Judy that if his ship didn’t have the computers doing everything, it wouldn’t have set him and the children off course. He makes a good point, but he also sounds stubborn.

Smith has Will’s camera, and she knows how important it is to him — she tells him it will be with her in the cyro pod, and once they get to Alpha Centauri, he can pop open the hatch, and she’ll give it back; she wants an insurance policy. Will tells her that he is her insurance policy; he reveals that he and Robot have something to do when he gets to the colony, and his family will not like it. He wants her to distract his family when they arrive. Smith and Will have a deal, so Smith enters the cyro pod willingly.

Grant manually launches the Jupiter to leave the planet. Multiple remains of meteors are in their way, and Grant has to maneuver the ship, so they do not get hit. The computer recommends a different angle as the safest option, but Grant is skeptical. Grant thinks the computer is wrong, so Judy tells him to stand down. She reboots the autopilot to correct the course. Judy makes the right decision as the crew gets safely off the planet. Grant calls his daughter “captain” and that Maureen’s autopilot worked.

Don, Maureen, and John initiate their plans to steal the engine. Don and John distract the robots in a vehicle while Scarecrow gets the engine. Maureen is concerned that Scarecrow is taking so long inside the ship, but the robot eventually returns with the engine. However, John learns that it’s a trap — the robots were distracting them.

As Scarecrow walks towards Maureen, the robot is surrounded by the enemy and is captured. Scarecrow tells Maureen to “find home,” and then SAR shuts off its power. The engine was bait. Maureen believes Scarecrow was their last hope.

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