Lost in Space season 3, episode 4 recap – “Nothing Left Behind”

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 1, 2021 (Last updated: January 12, 2023)
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Netflix series Lost in Space season 3, episode 4 - Nothing Left Behind


Episode 4 serves the audience a midseason thriller.

This recap of Netflix’s Lost in Space season 3, episode 4, “Nothing Left Behind,” contains spoilers.

You can forgive episode 1 for the slowness of the story. Since then, the plot has picked up the pace with each chapter. Episode 4 is certainly a thrilling chapter as the lives of the characters are in danger.

Lost in Space season 3, episode 4 recap

Episode 4 begins with Jupiter on route to Alpha Centauri — there’s a sense of optimism that they finally got off that planet. Will asks Robot regarding the alien language he recorded and the meaning behind programming for the robots. He wonders if the alien language controlled the robots. Unfortunately, Penny inconveniently interrupts their conversation.

However, Will sees Robot’s lights turning on like in the cave ruins when he connected to Scarecrow. SAR is controlling Scarecrow. Robot shows a hologram of a different galaxy, not Alpha Centauri — it’s the location of their family. Robot says, “danger family” — it’s a threat from SAR. Robot then confirms that Scarecrow is dead, and Will apologizes.

Maureen and John alert the crew that SAR knows their location and they need a plan. John is defeatist and states they need to focus on who they can save — their children. He orders his crew to destroy everything that is a clue regarding their children and the location of Alpha Centauri — John gives a speech about “nothing left behind,” knowing their children’s lives depend on them.

As for children, they are spooked. They are worried that their parents are going to be killed. Penny thinks SAR made a mistake by giving away their parents’ location. Judy believes it is a trap and disagrees — she knows their parents would want them to go to Alpha Centauri. Judy tells the crew that there is no element of surprise, and they cannot try and save them. However, a few of the kids raise their voices and state they want to try. Judy is outnumbered. However, Grant Kelly tells her that she is the captain and that this isn’t a democracy — Judy is left with a call to make.

Judy looks to her siblings for solutions to save their parents. Will has an idea. As we reach halfway through season 3, we are offered the best chapter so far.

The adults have got rid of all evidence of Alpha Centauri. All the parents are relieved they have protected their children, but they wait for the inevitable arrival of the robots. As they wait for the first robot ship, they see a Jupiter on their radar. John is angry that their kids have arrived. John wants to divert the robots away from the children, but Judy has other ideas — she has used the Fortuna; the Jupiter is a decoy, the kids are on the Fortuna. Maureen is wildly surprised, knowing the Fortuna hasn’t been used for years.

Judy docks on the parents’ ship as the robots inevitably focus on the decoy. The children and parents are reunited. It’s an emotional moment; the children pulled off a massive feat. Seeing the Robinson family united is a brilliant moment.

The ending

Maureen is shocked to see Grant Kelly, but she doesn’t have time to process the moment; they still need to evade the robots. As for Will, he tells Robot that they aren’t going with family, and once they go through the rift, they need to close it behind them. He wants to wait behind with the engine and to end the threat of SAR. Will wakes up Smith from her cyro sleep and asks her to hold up her end of the deal.

Maureen, John, and Don see Smith and are surprised to see her alive — she keeps distracting them as Will sneaks away. However, Will’s plan is immediately in jeopardy — SAR and reinforcements have found them at the rift. Will uses the alien language to transmit programming signals to the robots. He causes two robot ships to hit each other.

John finds his son Will and prepares him for the rift — his plan is indeed ruined. While in the rift, John asks Robot to send their Jupiter somewhere different to Alpha Centauri as an alien ship has followed them. The other Jupiters make it to Alpha Centauri, apart from there’s.

The Robinson family ends up on a rainy planet in free fall — they all have to eject off the ship. However, Judy and Maureen’s ejectors are jammed. The episode ends on a cliffhanger, with Judy and Maureen’s life under real threat! What a cliffhanger — episode 4 serves the audience a midseason thriller.

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