Harlem season 1 – who is Camille?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: December 3, 2021
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Who is Camille in Amazon Harlem season 1?

The article discusses who is Camille from Amazon Original Series Harlem season 1.

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Who is Camille in Amazon’s Harlem season 1?

Arguably the lead character of Harlem, Camille is played by Meagan Good. She plays a young but popular university professor who struggles at maintaining a stable method of dating. After dating Ian (Tyler Lepley) and in preparation for a move to Paris, she dumped him when she thought that he was making plans without considering her future. Little did Camille know that Ian was about to propose!

Five years later and Camille is still single. But Ian is back in Harlem, and Camille is anxious over the possibility of bumping into him again. But as you would guess, they eventually come face to face. There are still clear feelings between the pair, but as Ian is now engaged, Camille finds herself going on a date with Jameson (Sullivan Jones).

Throughout the course of Harlem season 1, it’s not just her ex-partner that causes drama in her life. Her employment proves to be as dramatic. When a professor joins the university, Dr. Elise Pruitt (Whoopi Goldberg), Camille fears that her career may not head in the direction that she hopes. 

Camille and Ian

Eager to impress Dr. Elise Pruitt, Camille attends a protest against a new bistro that is being built in Harlem. Whilst it does appear to impress Dr. Elise Pruitt, Camille almost alienates Ian as he reveals that he is the head chef of the bistro. Oops. And her time on the good side of Dr. Elise Pruitt doesn’t last long either. After Camille spends time with Jameson, she sleeps in and misses a meeting with Dr. Elise Pruitt. The result of which has Camille demoted from her role.

The more time that Camille spends with Ian (albeit secretly), the more that the both of them realize that they still have feelings for each other. And after Camille envisions her own wedding with Ian, she finds him, and they share a kiss. The closing moments of Harlem are of Mira finding Camille and Ian as they kiss.

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