Harlem season 1 – who is Angie?

December 3, 2021
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The article discusses who is Angie from Amazon Original Series Harlem season 1. 

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Who is Angie in Amazon’s Harlem season 1?

At the beginning of Harlem, Angie sleeps on Quinn’s (Grace Byers) sofa, free of charge! Although it wasn’t all like that. Five years prior to the start of Harlem, Angie was an up-and-coming star with a record deal. During this time, she lived in a mansion with her own driver. Whilst she had the opportunity to release a single that tested well with audiences, Angie was adamant that the song she wrote got released as the first single, despite the song not faring as well with the audience. But when the record label shuts down, Angie is dropped, partly due to the flop single. And so she finds herself homeless. 

Five years later, and Angie wonders whether or not she’s good enough to succeed in the industry. Although, hardly anyone else would know it, as Angie is loud, bubbly, and unafraid to voice her opinion, even if it may offend. To sum Angie up, she lives life as fabulously as she possibly can. Looking for Mr. Prince Charming, she takes a shining to Amanuel (Warner Miller), an artist. But after learning that he lives in his car, she breaks things off. As a result, she accepts a small role in Get Out: The Musical. 

Angie takes on a musical

Her time in Get Out: The Musical is just as dramatic as the film. After racist remarks from one of the co-stars, Kate (Erika Henningsen), Angie is forced into swallowing her pride and, instead, has to apologize for shouting at Kate. Then following the dress rehearsal, Angie learns that Tye (Jerrie Johnson), Quinn (Grace Byers), and Camille (Meagan Good) all believe that the music is terrible. It’s not all bad news for Angie, however, as she gets promoted to one of the musical’s leading roles. 

But like before, just as Angie is on the edge of potential stardom, it all comes crashing down. After Angie sends Jordan Peele a letter about the musical, to brag about herself nonetheless, he informs the cast of the musical that the production isn’t legally approved and therefore can not go ahead. Will Angie ever be able to prove herself worthy of the talent that she has?

You can watch Harlem on Amazon Prime.

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1 thought on “Harlem season 1 – who is Angie?

  • February 19, 2023 at 1:48 pm

    I love Shoniqua Shandai as Angie on Harlem! Never heard of her before- she is so beautiful, Dope and one heck of an actress with that beautiful smile and bold and bubbly personality! Love Harlem and each of these amazing women bring real life to the screen- my favorite show to binge like over and over again

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