Harlem season 1, episode 4 recap – “Winter Solstice”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: December 3, 2021
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Amazon Harlem season 1, episode 4 - Winter Solstice


A delightful episode with a great story! “Winter Solstice” is the strongest episode so far. As was the case with the previous episode, the characters shine bright.

This recap of Amazon’s Harlem season 1, episode 4, “Winter Solstice,” contains spoilers.

Harlem season 1, episode 4 recap

After the last episode revealed that Camille has been unknowingly trying to boycott the Bistro that Ian is the head chef of, Ian assumes it is because he is engaged. Whilst Ian agrees that the all-white image was a mistake on the bistro’s part, he is a part of the food making and brings his culture to the bistro. He calls Camille out for teaching at Columbia University, which has roots in the slave trade. As Camille storms off, she nearly walks right into Dr. Elise Pruitt, who heard the argument. But she has good news for Camille, as she wants her to be a panelist on the effects of a charter school on black children in New York. But as such, Camille must cancel her therapy session.

So instead, Camille airs out her problems to Quinn during yoga. During which, Britney attends and announces that the wedding is off after Paul cheated. Following their not-so-quiet conversation, they are asked to leave by the yoga instructor for their use of language. Meanwhile, Tye has a major hair crisis just as a photoshoot for Forbes looms around the corner. And Angie gets a job with Get Out: The Musical! But to be taken on board, she must first pay a union fee of $600.

Dr. Pruitt is impressed by Camille during her discussion whilst on the panel, although she does ask Camille to make it less Jerry Springer, “It was good until it wasn’t, then it went off the rails.” At Quinn’s business “Quinn Joseph”, Angie asks Quinn for $600. But Quinn reveals that after she tore up her Mum’s cheque, she needs any spare cash she has for the rent. Angie, not one to be down for long, takes an opportunity and pretends to be an immigrant to get an interview as a nanny for one of Quinn’s customers. Shocked by Angie’s stunt, Quinn warns her that the culture should be celebrated, not mocked. Angie, however, states that she desperately needs money to get the role in the Get Out musical.

The ending

After Tye’s hair crisis gets revealed to the group, Angie loans her a wig. Camille goes on a date with Jameson Royce (Sullivan Jones). He takes her down to a laundrette before taking her through to a secret arcade. After Jameson successfully guesses that Camille’s star sign is Gemini, they kiss. With her hair still a mess, Tye tries to tell herself that her hair doesn’t define her. Although when Anna sees it, she thinks it’s flawless. Therefore, the photoshoot goes ahead successfully! Following their date, Camille wakes up in bed with Jameson. But the problem is that it’s 12.15 pm and she has missed a vital meeting with Dr Pruitt. She goes onto Jameson’s laptop, presumably to email Dr. Pruitt, but pauses when she opens it up. “I can explain,” Jameson says with a smirk as the episode concludes.

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