Harlem season 1, episode 3 recap – “Rainbow Sprinkles”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: December 3, 2021
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Amazon Harlem season 1, episode 3 - Rainbow Sprinkles


The episode doesn’t add much to the series and sometimes feels unoriginal. However, the four main characters shine through and help increase the quality of an otherwise uninspired episode.

This recap of Amazon’s Harlem season 1, episode 3, “Rainbow Sprinkles,” contains spoilers.

Harlem season 1, episode 3 recap

After a lecture, Camille cries after she thinks back to Ian’s revelation in episode 2. Later, Angie, Tye, and Quinn find her in bed eating food. They attempt to force her outside, where after doing so, Quinn rants about her newest fling, Daniel.

At the university, there’s a new department head, Dr. Elise Pruitt, who gets played by none other than Whoopi Goldberg. Camille introduces herself to Dr. Elise Pruitt, eager to impress. But it appears that Camille has already made an impression: “I’ve heard a lot about you, it’s nice to put a face to the reputation”. Dr. Elise Pruitt follows up on the remark by inviting Camille around for tea. Although, she does hint for Camille to calm down.

Tye heads to the Forbes interview. But it just so turns out to be with Anna, and in the interview Tye finds himself having to justify the tagline; “Love Guaranteed”. Whilst on her way to an audition, Angie takes a shine to an Uber driver, Amanuel (Warner Miller), as he helps her prep talk for an audition. “You got some pretty words Amanuel”. Whilst he has pretty words, Angie fails to get his number. In her attempts to track him down, Angie uses Quinn’s Uber app to book and cancel several taxis.

Whilst at Dr. Elise Pruitt’s house, Camille sees that one of her students, Nora Longbone (Christine Jones), is also there. After Dr. Pruitt remembers Camille as the “one who likes to tweet”, Camille suggests herself as the research assistant. As does Nora. Unhappy with the Forbes interview, Tye has Anna return. (This time, she makes sure the discussion gets recorded). But to Tye’s surprise, Anna asks her out on a date.

The ending

Dr. Pruitt doesn’t seem fully impressed with Camille. She says that in order for Camille to talk about struggle, she must get off her phone and get out into the field. She adds that for Camille to study culture, she must be in it and not just observe it from the outside. Basically, Dr. Elise Pruitt tells Camille to live in the struggle. Soaking wet, Quinn returns home. She has been unable to get an Uber home as her account was frozen — thanks to Angie. But whilst walking home, Quinn ordered herself cookies. The delivery man just turns out to be Amanuel! Whilst they hit it off and have sex in the car, Angie is disgusted to think he lives in his car. As he claims it’s because he’s an artist, it causes Angie to rethink rejecting a role with Get Out: The Musical.

Inspired by the words of Dr. Pruitt, Camille attends a local protest. Although her speech doesn’t start well, it eventually does, and the crowd decides to boycott the opening of a new Bistro. In the closing moment of Harlem season 1, episode 3, Camille learns that the head chef is none other than Ian!

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