Harlem season 1, episode 7 recap – “The Strong Black Woman”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: December 3, 2021
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Amazon Harlem season 1, episode 7 - The Strong Black Woman


Angie gets forced to swallow her pride to keep her role in Get Out: The Musical. Tye’s pain continues to worsen before a shocking discovery.

This recap of Amazon’s Harlem season 1, episode 7, “The Strong Black Woman,” contains spoilers.

Harlem season 1, episode 7 recap

After collapsing in the previous episode, Tye reveals that she’s been in pain for 11 days. The doctor reveals that she is anemic and in need of a blood transfusion. Yet the doctor still brushes off her back and pelvic pain, much to the annoyance of Quinn. Upon learning that Dr. Elise Pruitt is interviewing outside sources, Camille cancels dinner with Jameson to prepare. But Camille finds herself having to agree to go to a therapy session as she has missed three sessions in a row. Whilst rehearsing for Get Out: The Musical, Angie calls out one of her co-stars, Kate (Erika Henningsen) for calling the production “ghetto”. As a result, Kate runs out in tears.

When the next day of rehearsals gets underway, the crew gets told by Mark (David Roberts) to be reminded that they are a family and that any negative comments can be hurtful to others. Whilst Angie initially agrees with him, she kicks off when Mark asks her to apologize to Kate. Her attempts to argue that Kate was racist don’t seem to work.

Camille visits Dr. Pruitt and asks for her support for the associate position. However, Dr. Pruitt tells her that she will not endorse her for the job. She goes on to explain that she doesn’t think Camille isn’t ready. Her reasons are that Camille has the minimum amount of research with only two academic journals. Right now, Camille isn’t good enough and Dr. Pruitt will only endorse someone who can swim with the sharks. Tye heads to the airport, but before she can make her flight, she once again collapses in pain. She wakes up in hospital to find that she has had emergency surgery due to a ruptured cyst.

Meanwhile, Camille tells Angie that she may have to apologize to Kate even if she doesn’t genuinely mean it. “Is pride worth sacrificing your job? When you have bills to pay and goals to reach, you gotta eat shit”. In the conversation, whilst Camille and Angie are able to vent about their situations, Quinn struggles to get a word in about her problems. Worse still for Quinn, as Angie and Camille rush off, Quinn finds herself with the bill. As for therapy, Camille is late and, therefore, only has a small amount of time left in her session. However, she manages to voice that she’s unhappy with where she is in life. She doesn’t like that she feels like she doesn’t know where she is going. Her therapist tells Camille it’s ok not to have a plan and change is normal.

Angie gets asked to apologize to Kate. But it doesn’t go as planned. Instead, she yells, “F**k you Kate, f**k your microaggressions, f**k your white tears that you use to distract from your racism.” And Angie then tells everyone that she is “out” of the production. But then, it’s revealed that didn’t really happen, and it was a part of Angie’s imagination. The reality is that Angie forces herself to apologize to Kate. It is too much for Angie, and she leaves rehearsals, lying that one of her friends is in hospital. But then Angie finds out that Tye really is in hospital. When Quinn, Angie, and Camille visit Tye in the hospital, they all break down. But Quinn eventually gets the chance to discuss her own problems: “It still hurts, and I don’t wanna pretend it doesn’t just because it doesn’t seem like a big deal to y’all”.

The ending

Tye gets told she needs a hysterectomy, with the doctor remarking that he has the feeling “you’ve not got the interest in giving birth”. But when the doctor mentions Tye’s husband, Camille, Quinn, and Angie assume there’s been a mix-up on her forms. However, there’s been no mix-up, and her husband, Brendon Jones (Kadeem Ali Harris), walks in.

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