Aranyak season 1, episode 6 recap – the secret daughter

December 10, 2021
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The series continues providing twists and turns, but there feels little excitement amongst the chaos.

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The series continues providing twists and turns, but there feels little excitement amongst the chaos.

This recap of Netflix’s Aranyak season 1, episode 6, contains spoilers. 

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This is getting complex, but the more intrinsic the story gets, the closer we will get to the truth.

Aranyak season 1, episode 6 recap

Angad puts the search on for Omi at the wedding. Some people are infuriated at Angad for ruining the occasion. Manhas tells Angad there’s a misunderstanding and claims that Omi is not at the wedding. They ask him to leave the wedding immediately, and Angad’s superior insists he leaves. Kasturi calms Angad down, explaining there are checkpoints all over, so Omi will not escape. She senses Angad’s frustration and wants him to calm down, so he isn’t rude to his team.

Angad tells his story regarding his son Maroot and how he found him dead in an out-of-state morgue. Since then, he neglected himself to find Omi and got suspended twice. This is why he ended up divorced. He states he saw Omi at the wedding.

The photographers from the wedding show Kasturi the video footage of Ravi visiting Julie. She thinks she’ll get a photo of Omi too from the wedding and updates Angad. They head to the wedding venue to speak to Ravi and show him the footage. They also tell him that they have seen phone logs that show Julie and Sundar called him. Ravi reveals that Aimee was his daughter in a shock twist. This has placed Kasturi and Angad at risk reputationally as they are dealing with influential people now. Mahadev tells Kasturi that the boy Bunty is not guilty at all for these crimes — he then references how Nutan studies with that boy, which shocks Kasturi.

Angad interviews Ravi, while Kasturi interviews Julie — they tell their story about how they met, including how Aimee was a mistake, and there was meant to be an abortion. Flashbacks show Ravi visiting his daughter Aimee, and she’s happy to see her father as they shake hands for the first time. Julie confronted Ravi about his life in politics and wanted money off him. They make a deal on finance, and she gives him until his wedding to provide. In the present, Julie admits Aimee was her ticket for money. This led to arguments between Aimee and Julie and is the reason Aimee went out that night before she was murdered.

Further flashbacks reveal Ravi that saw his daughter at Hotel Bom that night. Ravi was arranging a drug deal to bring supplies to their resort. In the present, Kasturi shows a photo of Kochhar, the drug dealer; Ravi tells her he was at the wedding and wants to know where he is now. Angad is animated, stating that it is Omi. There are now two motives to solve this case.

The ending

In a flashback, Ravi sees his daughter in a bad way, and she calls him “papa.” Manhas is furious that the girl called him “papa,” but Ravi assures him that he has this under control; he can see his daughter is on drugs. He rings Sundar and asks for help with Aimee. Manhas tells Ravi to leave his daughter with him. In the present day, Ravi admits he didn’t know if Sundar came or not, and he heard the next day that she was dead. Julie is furious and slaps Ravi, blaming him for what happened. Kasturi believes that Bunty must’ve been there when Aimee was in trouble.

As the episode ends, Angad gets Bunty’s phone records; he calls one of the numbers and looks shocked. As the episode ends, Hari appears to be hacking a phone call and skyping a woman. Is he part of this conspiracy?

Additional points

  • In the present day, Nutan tells her mother Kasturi that she didn’t fill in one answer in the paper. She’s worried and recent news that Bunty was arrested is also troubling her.
  • Mahadev questions Govind about Leopard-Man and wonders if he has ever seen him.

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