Twentysomethings: Austin season 1 review – 8 Americans move to Texas to make a fresh start

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: December 11, 2021 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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Netflix reality series Twentysomethings: Austins


Twentysomethings: Austin is trash TV; there’s no doubt about it! It feels very repetitive after what we’ve seen before.

This review of the Netflix reality series Twentysomethings: Austins season 1 does not contain any spoilers.

If you’re anything like me, you may have originally thought that the show was about someone called Austin. But no! Instead, the show’s location is in Austin, Texas. And instead of focusing on one individual, it instead follows a bunch of them! They include Abbey, Bruce, Isha, Kamari, Keauno, Michael, Natalie, and Raquel. They’re not the most exciting bunch, but they are pleasant enough to watch.

In terms of the show’s premise, the 8 individuals were chosen from a nationwide search to live in Austin. Now, after being selected, they’re all moving to the fastest-growing city in America. In the move to Texas, audiences learn from some handheld footage what the 8 stars hope to achieve. Some of them are chasing love, others want to secure a future, whilst some want to figure out the professional aspect of their lives. Whilst they may all be chasing different things, the show claims they’re all taking their first steps in adulthood. What does Twentysomethings: Austin do to help them? Force the eight of them together and hope that they all make lifelong friendships in the process.

Twentysomethings: Austin is not original in any aspect. It’s very much like every other reality show released this year, last year, and every year before that. Even while that is the case, I’m sure this will become a rating smash. A lot of people are suckers for the drama reality tv brings, and Netflix knows it. In regards to the cast themselves, they’re fairly likable and bring their fair share of entertainment value to the show. They’re not the most exciting cast ever to grace a reality tv show. That honor, in my opinion, belongs to the cast of Season 6 of Married at First Sight Australia. What does work for Twentysomethings: Austin though is that the cast is diverse, lovely, and doesn’t have you reaching for the remote. But what’s a reality show without someone that you love to hate?

As it stands, there are currently six episodes of Twentysomethings: Austin, all of which range from 27 to 46 minutes in length. But that’s not all, as the next six episodes will get released on Netflix on the 17th of December.

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