Emily in Paris season 2, episode 4 recap – “Jules and Em”

December 22, 2021 (Last updated: January 12, 2023)
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We see our lead character trying to navigate her stickiest situation yet as season 2 starts to evolve.

This recap of Netflix’s Emily in Paris season 2, episode 4, “Jules and Em,” contains spoilers.

After being caught out, our lead character has much explaining to do in episode 4. We see our lead character trying to navigate her stickiest situation yet as season 2 starts to evolve.

Emily in Paris season 2, episode 4 recap

At the start of episode 4, Emily practices what she wants to say to Camille to Mindy. However, Mindy is not convinced she is going to be forgiven. Emily kind of agrees and vows to learn more French instead. Emily confronts Gabriel about the awful situation and returns the vital piece of evidence — the omelette pan.

At work, there’s a marketing meeting about the champagne product Champere; Camille is there, so Julien and Luc warn her. Emily runs the meeting anyway and presents. Camille asks Sylvie if the meeting can be conducted in French knowing full well Emily is not fluent. Luc takes over and helps. After the meeting, Emily asks Camille if they can have lunch, but she rejects her. Emily asks Sylvie if moving forward they can speak in English, but she’s told that Camille wants everything in French, so there’s no choice. Emily will have to dig deep and learn quick.

After work, Emily finds Gabriel revamping his restaurant. He isn’t doing well as he has many decisions to make and he’s struggling. But he manages to give her advice on the leek company she’s finding ways to market. Gabriel wants to help her and shows her how to make good food with leek. She’s evidently still attracted to him. Emily tries the meal he made and she’s amazed. After the cooking session, Emily tells Gabriel to explain to Camille that what happened between them didn’t mean anything. But the problem is Emily, it did!

Emily then heads out with her Ukrainian friend and learns more about the French language as they shop. She unknowingly steals from the shop but her Ukrainian friend does not want to return the clothes and they end up arguing.

Gabriel meets Camille to talk. He apologizes to her and states it was his fault and not Emily’s. Camille is still angry. Gabriel asks if they can all get along and that he still loves her. Camille tells him to grow up. Meanwhile, Emily decides to write a letter in French to Camille to apologise.

The ending

Camille reads Emily’s letter, but it barely makes sense, adding to the comedy of the show. Meanwhile, Emily presents her marketing idea to their client regarding the leeks. The client feels the tagline is cliché. Sylvie believes they should promote weight loss cures as Americans “love a shortcut” — leek soup.

Camille sends a letter back, and Sylvie reads it out. She tells Emily to leave her alone and calls her a sociopath. Sylvie tells Emily that, unlike leek soup, there’s no “quick fix” to betraying a friend. Emily heads to an evening class for French and sits next to Alfie to round off the episode. Of course, this is a segway to introduce a new character.

Additional points

  • Believing it’s a good opportunity, Mindy ends up busking with a new band. She draws crowds of people and it’s a success. However, other talented people take over their spot, which annoys Mindy. She manages to reclaim the limelight.

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